How To Print Recharge Card Online In Nigeria

rechargecard-printingThis is the completing part of the printing recharge card business. If you miss the last post click here. In my last post we dealt with the categories of recharge cards business levels. Where we discussed about the Dealers, Wholesalers and the Retailers.

Today, I shall be talking about recharge card printing proper!!! There are three categories or levels to this as well.

  1. Printing Recharge Cards using your laptop or phone and a printer.
  2. Printing Recharge Card using POS
  3. Selling Recharge Card using VTU (Virtual Top Up)

Printing Recharge Cards Using Your Laptop or Phone And  a Printer

Back in those days, you will have to go to a dealer; get a software and use the software to print the recharge card PINs you bought from them. Thank God things are different today. However, there might be some people still using the old approach but today you will discover a new and better way to this aged approach.

If you want to use this method; it is good you have the following items or equipment.

  1. Working Laptop or Desktop
  2. A working mobile phone
  3. A printer (Laser Jet or Desk get)

The major advantage of this method is that you have you recharge card branded in your name. While it’s disadvantages is that you will have to provide the system, printer and the toners or inks for your printer. However, this method does not require any special software or any PIN. Below are the steps to be taking:

Step One:


Go to and open a FREE account. You will have to stroll to the bottom of the page to register a new account. I think I need to let you know that you should be careful of your email and phone number you provide here. It your email number is wrong; you wont be able to use the correct phone number with another email. Since you have registered a wrong name with your correct phone number.

Step Two

You need to payment to the following account details:

First Bank

Account No: 2017747833

Account Name: Airpins Integrated Services Ltd

Put ONLY your MOBILE NUMBER as the Reference number when making payment.

Payments made using your MOBILE NUMBER as reference, remark or description will be credited to your account automatically. Payments less than N10,000 will attract a handling charge of N100 (this does not apply to payments via GlobalPAY where a transaction fee of 2% is recovered). There is no need to send proof of payment as our integrated receipting system works automatically 24/7 (provided your mobile number is captured correctly).

You can use Debit Card Payments, Internet Banking Transfers, Mobile Transfers, Mobile Money or Cash Transfers

There is no minimum account balance but you will qualify for our best prices and monthly draws if your balance remains positive. You will always see your latest balance when you login.

Step Three

buy rechage cardAfter you have funded you account you need to go and click on BUY NOW on the desired network to buy their card. For example, lets say you want to buy MTN. You will go and click on BUY NOW on MTN section. and you will get this: buy cardsNow, chose the quantity you want to buy and click ORDER. Immediately you click on ORDER an email containing the recharge card PIN will be send to your mail along with a code to unlock PDF containing the recharge card PINs. Just make sure you don’t delete it ok?

20 thoughts on “How To Print Recharge Card Online In Nigeria”

  1. Thanks for your helpful information. I have already registered with How would my brand name appear on the recharge voucher i print and some other relevant info such as MTN logo, serial no, etc after making puchase through the site?

    • @Praise, you must have configured your EPIN to do that. The EPIN will do all that ma.Thanks for checking EARNBASE

  2. Thank alot for your interesting information. I have already registered there at How would my brand name apear on the recharge voucher i print with all other needed info such as mtn logo, serial no, etc after making purchase?

    • Your brand can’t appear if you are choosing this method. You can only get your brand to appear if you are using EPIN manager.

  3. Thanks for this helpful information.
    Please, how much do they sell the recharge card pins so that we can have a possible idea of our profit margin in the business.

    • @Yinka, you can sign up for the website free and confirm that yourself. It cost you nothing.
      However, I think it varies from 92 – 96 depending on the network and the situation at that time. By situation, I mean sometime recharge cards are cheap and other time it is expensive.
      I hope this helps.
      Thanks for fining Earn base useful


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