How to Overcome Your Fear as a Young Entrepreneur

how to overcome your Fear as a young entrepreneursIt is true that we experience some kind of fear when starting up as an entrepreneur. The truth is that I have not seen a young entrepreneur just starting up without some level of fear. In fact, this is an assurance that you are indeed on the right track.

just as the fear is an evidence of being on the right track so it is also a sign of failure. Yes, fear as a starting up entrepreneur can be good and also detrimental.

Here are basically three reasons for Entrepreneurs Startup Fear

  1. The business is not going the way we plan: Usually, young entrepreneur will exercise fear when business is not going as planned. However, I need to let you know that know business will always go as planned; most especially a new business. That is why it is good you invest some reasonable plan in your business plan.
  2. When you run your business on loan: Someone once said “It is only morons who starts a new business on loan”. Starting a new business on load might be very tempting but the truth is that it is the wrong step in the right direction. Staring a new business is the right direction but taking a loan to start your business is a wrong step. So, if you want to reduce your fear as a new business owner don’t ever start a business on loan.
  3. Impatient: I think another cause of fear is impatient. Most entrepreneurs of today want to start a business now and become as big, famous and rich like amazon, facebook, twitter, ebay and youtube in less than a year. That is why you need to read about the biography successful entrepreneurs so that you  know how they started before getting to where they are today – it is not a year job bro.

However, there might also be some other reasons why you are experiencing fear as a young entrepreneur; whatever might be the reasons there is always a solutions.

Solutions to Startup Fear as an Entrepreneur

  1. You are not alone: You need to first of all know that you are not alone. Every entrepreneur will always have their own time of fear. So, calm down!
  2. Be patient: If you must succeed as an entrepreneur; patient is one critical virtue you cannot do without. you must have lots of patient. Because things will always take longer than you projected.
  3. Remember you vision: when the going gets tough the tough gets going. To keep yourself up; it is important to remember the end from the beginning. That will give you some strengths to carry on. Always remember your vision and reason for being in business in times of fear.

I hope these tips helps; in case you have other tips; please free to add it in the comment box below.

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  1. One fear I am going through now is the fear of competition and acceptance. We have a lot of big names in manufacturing and it going to be hard to convince people to try your product now.

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