How To Monetize Your Book And Get Legit Reviews

If you are writing a non-fiction book, one of the best ways to ensure you make a profit from it is to monetize it. This extra income can really add up, depending on what product and services you include. You have the book royalties coming in, but you also have affiliate commissions and/or sales from your own products and services flowing in. Those backend monies can be much larger than the book royalties coming from a $2 eBook.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, this is when you register to be an ambassador for a product. You get your own personalized links to the sales pages of those products, and whenever someone uses one of your links to purchase, you get a commission.

If you are a service provider or already have a website where you sell your own products, you can link those service and product sale pages to text within your book to help people get more assistance from you and to earn more than just a book royalty from each purchase. This obviously can greatly improve your client base and/or the purchasing power of your products. If you have been thinking about creating a course or information product for your business, it’s smart to do that first and then write the book so that you can take advantage of all you have to offer.

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Clearly, you can make more money selling your own products and services than you can from making a percentage of each sale from an affiliate product. But depending on where you are in your business, you may not feel ready to create your own product (other than the book), which is perfectly fine. You no doubt have products that you recommend to clients all the time, so why not use those recommendations to create another income stream from your book.

The ability to easily monetize a book is just one of the many wonderful ways eBooks have improved authors’ lives. All you need to do is hyperlink text to the appropriate URL to build another way to earn. One word of caution: Make sure to only recommend products and services that you have tested and would use yourself. If you sponsor a mediocre product, it’s likely to have a negative impact on your reputation, and building your reputation is one of the main reasons for writing a nonfiction book.

How To Get Legit Review For Your Book

If you’ve ever read an eBook clear through to the end, you’ve no doubt noticed a request from the author that you leave an honest review of the book. Smart authors always add this in, often with a link to the direct page where they want you to leave it. Reviews help other readers decide if it’s worth their money and time to purchase and read a book. And on the other side of that, lots of good reviews mean more sales for authors.

You should encourage your readers to leave reviews by including a call to action at the end of your book, and there are other ways to get reviews also.

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Contact your subscribers—This is just one way you can use your email list to help you build momentum for your book. Email them and ask them to add an honest review to Amazon. You might even want to segment your list so that those who don’t review after the first email gets a second reminder. Don’t sound desperate—people will shy away from someone who is begging for anything. Instead, just let them know that they can help other readers find your book by leaving a review.

Contact top reviewers on Amazon—You can do some research to find people who review a lot of the types of books you’ve written and then contact them. Ask if they would write a review for you. You can give them a PDF or other type file free to read in exchange for it. Make sure to add “an honest review” into the text because Amazon will penalize you if it looks like you are ‘buying reviews.’ A few years ago they cracked down on this, and they keep a very close eye on suspicious activity. Go here to find those reviewers:

Contact book bloggers and authors—There are a large number of book bloggers out there who are often in need of a fresh topic or book to review. If you are doing a blog book tour, some of those bloggers might be willing to review your book on their site and even add a shorter version to Amazon on Goodreads. Other authors definitely understand the importance of reviews for getting more exposure for a book, so don’t be shy about offering them a free copy of your manuscript in exchange for a review. They are often more than happy to help out a newbie author because they probably got help in the beginning too.

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