How To Make Transparent Liquid Soap In Nigeria

There are so many reasons why customers like to buy transparent liquid soap; some of which are stated bellow:

  1. It is transparent
  2. It is light
  3. It is a beauty to behold

Asides from the above-mentioned reasons; customers also want products that are close to the top products in the market in quality and look.

So, today, I am going to teach you how to make quality transparent liquid soap in Nigeria. But before we go into details of how to produce quality transparent liquid soap; I will like us to go over the chemicals needed for this production.

Chemicals Needed For Making Liquid Soap And Their Measurements

  1. Water —————————————- 25 liters
  2. STPP ——————————————- 1/4
  3. Sulphonic Acid ——————————2 liters
  4. Texapon ————————————– 1/4
  5. Common Table Salt ———————— 700 gram
  6. Coloring ————————————— As desired
  7. Perfume ————————————— As desired
  8. Formalin ————————————- 1 eva cap

Steps By Steps Guide On How To Make Quality Transparent Liquid Soap

Step 1: Get a BIG bucket and Pour the 25 liters of water into it.

Step 2: Add the STPP into the BIG water bucket and stir very well.

Step 3: Mix the Sulphonic Acid with the Texapon till they both blend very well.

Step 4: Pour the Sulphonic Acid and Texapon mixture into the BIG water bucket and stir very well.

Step 5: Gradually add the Common Table Salt into the BIG water bucket and stir.

Step 6: Add color and stir.

Step 7: Add perfume and stir.

Step 8: Add formalin and stir very well

Step 9: Allow to settle for like 30 minutes

Step 10: Package product for sale

If you have any questions; feel free to drop it below in the comment section.

67 thoughts on “How To Make Transparent Liquid Soap In Nigeria”

  1. Good day Ma/Sir
    Please a production that contains the under listed items can table salt still be added?
    Thanks as I await your response.
    1. Nitrosol
    2. Caustic Soda…
    3. Soda Ash .
    4. SLS .
    5. Sulphonic Acid
    6. STPP-
    7. Texapon
    8. Foam Booster
    9. Formaline
    10. Perfume

    For 10 liters

  2. If I use salt instead of nitrosol will still be foaming well and also stay long without been watery later like after staying for some months or weeks

  3. God bless you for this article. Please, my question is: if I add perfume to the production and then leave it open in the production bowl for 30 minutes to settle, will it not affect the perfume? Will it not make the perfume to fade away quickly?

    • No, even if you leave it for the whole day; your perfume should not fade away. If that happens, something is wrong somewhere.

  4. Thanks for this great job I’m most grateful because I have been struggling on how to make my liquid soap transparent… thanks I really appreciate it you

  5. Please, you mean any cooking salt will do because after applying cooking salt, my production became watery.

    I used chef salt


  6. Good morning, pls if I follow the usual liquid soap recipe, to make it transparent, can I still add the cooking salt?

  7. Pls if I’m using the normal liquid soap recipe with nitrosol, caustic soda, Sls,soda ash etc, can I still add cooking salt?

  8. Thanks for the above teaching. I’m not a chemist. Please why did you remove nitrosol, soda ash, sodium lauryl sulphate and caustic soda that we are used to and added common table salt instead? I’m interested in knowing

    • I removed those ones because I wanted to cut costs. And I added table salt because I wanted the production to be transparent.

  9. I just stumbled upon your site and I want to thank you for your teachings. Please I would love to make a transparent hand wash. Can I add nitrosol to it. I also noticed there is no caustic soda in the materials, should I also skip it. thanks as I await your response

  10. Can I use this method to make shampoo and shower gel as for common salt is it the same as ordinary cooking salt..? Thanks

  11. Hi thanks so much for reaching us, I have been trying your recipe for 2 years and it’s great, my only problem is, it’s too slimy, please is there anyway I can make it better?

  12. Thanks for all the training on this blog. Very helpful. Pls I will like to chat with you in private. Would like to know if you have an ebook on organic and industrial chemical sales. Thanks.

  13. Good evening. Thanks so much for the teaching. Please based on the measurements, is it 1/4 cup, liters or grams. Thanks

    • 1/4 of whatever measurement you are using. If it’s solid or powder; it will be 1/4 of 1kg; which is 250 gram. I hope you get the logic.

  14. Good evening sir, are the chemicals for transparent liquid meant for Nigeria alone or is it the same with sugar,distilled water, glycerin, cogent e. t.c for transparent liquid soap as posted earlier on by u

    • I am not sure I get your question. However, this is all you need to make this liquid transparent liquid soap. However, the other ingredients mentioned in your question can also me added to it; so, I don’t understand your question. Maybe you need to rephrase it.

  15. Good afternoon and thanks for this teaching. I have 3questions please. Can I use this same method to make hand wash? If yes, can I add glycerine, aloe Vera and coconut milk in the mixture for hand wash purpose? will this mixture turn out viscous eventually because I can’t see any thickener on the list. Thanks!

    • Yes, you can, but you will need to add Caustic Soda and Soda Ash with all the above mentioned. Secondly, one of the function of common salt is as a thickener.

    • You read correctly. However, you can use 350 gram instead, but the slat has some functions it performs in your liquid soap, and you won’t want to miss out.

      • I followed the procedure with the quantities as stated above. It was forming a great soap until I added the 700g table salt. It killed the foam completely and it became cloudy instead of clear. Please review the list and help make adjustments if need be. I’m also of the opinion that 700g of salt is too much.

        • You may need to leave the production for 24 hours for it to clear. Please, let me know the result after 24 hours. Thanks

          • Thanks for your reply. It’s been more than 24hours and the soap still remains cloudy.
            Though aside that, it’s a nice soap esp with dishes

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