How To Make Shower Gel For Sale

Today, I will be sharing with you something very unique – how to make shower gel; this is something a very few us are discussing in the industry. Which is why you have to pay attention and jump at this opportunity before it become saturated like liquid soap. Although, your quality will speak for you; so, no worries.

Shower gel (also shower cream or body wash) is a specialized liquid product used for cleaning the body during showers. Although, shower gel is not to be confused with liquid soaps; in fact, shower gel do not contain saponified oil. Instead, it uses synthetic detergents derived from either petroleum or plant sources.

Shower gels are known to consist of the same basic ingredients as soap – water, betaines, and sodium laureth sulfate, or SLS. But the main difference between the two products lie in its surfactants – compounds known to lower the surface tension between substances, which helps in the emulsification and the washing away of oily dirt. The surfactants of shower gels do not come from saponification, that is by reacting a type of oil or fat with lye. Instead, it uses synthetic detergents for surfactants derived from either plant-based sources or petroleum. This gives the product a lower pH value than soap and might also feel less drying to the skin.

Chemicals Needed To Make 25 Liters of Shower Gel

  1. Nitrosol ———————————————– 250g (1/4)
  2. Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) ————— 500g (1/2) (soak for 2 hours)100g
  3. Sodium bicarbonate ——————————- 500g (1/2) soak
  4. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) ——————- 1kg soak
  5. Chloroxylenol ————————————— 60 ml
  6. Tarpinol ———————————————– 60 ml
  7. Glycol ————————————————– 60 ml
  8. Vitamin E ———————————————- 120ml
  9. Glycerine ———————————————– 120ml
  10. Color ————————————————— As desired
  11. Perfume ———————————————– As desired
  12. Formalin or Sodium benzoate ——————- 20ml

Step By Step Guide On How To Produce Shower Gel

Step 1: Get 25 liters of water; from which you will use to soak all our chemicals

Step 2: Take small portion of the 25 liters of water and soak each of the followings STPP, Sodium Bicarbonate, and SLS for 6 to 24 hours

Step 3: Pour the remaining water into a Bucket A

Step 4: Carefully pour the Nitrosol in the Bucket A, and mix properly

Step 5: Then pour all the soaked contents one after the other, and keep stirring.

Step 6: Then pour the Chloroxylenol and mix

Step 7: Then pour the Tarpinol and mix

Step 8: Then pour the Glycol into the mixture and mix

Step 9: Now pour the Vitamin E and Glycerine into the mixture

Step 10: Mix desired color with small water and pour into the mixture

Step 11: Add perfume as desired

Step 12: Add formalin for preservatives

Step 13: Package and sell

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  1. Thanks alot,I problem is on tablet soap,sodium carbonate,caolin,sodium sulphate are they required as an addetive and if they are required,sodium carbonate are of two:dense and light,which one do I use is it dense or light?. I hope of hearing from you please.


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