How To Make Rain Repellent For Car Mirrors and Windscreen

Let’s face it, it’s raining here constantly. As a driver on the roads of Nigeria, I am sure you are aware of the safety implications that bad weather can cause. The rain has a very negative impact on glass and can significantly reduce the driver’s visibility.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency released its annual Seasonal Rainfall Prediction on January 21, which is early enough for critical sectors to plan for the year, especially as it relates to agriculture, water resources management, energy, transport, and aviation.

Any motorist strives to provide maximum comfort while driving, as well as minimize the time spent on servicing the car, especially with regard to appearance.

Different weather conditions, especially in the spring-autumn period, and the use of cars on different coatings lead to rapid contamination of the windows and car bodies.

Movement in the rain on the road with heavy traffic greatly influences not only comfort but also traffic safety, as the trip under such conditions is accompanied by reduced visibility due to the constant presence of water droplets on the glass and rapid glass contamination.

Of course, in order to minimize this, car design implies the presence of a glass cleaning system.

But, over time, the effect of cleaning the glass wipers is reduced, because during the operation on the glass appear small scratches, which may not be visible, but they make the glass rough, which prevents the stack of water droplets from it.

Also, the resource of janitors is not so great, and over time the quality of their work is significantly reduced.

In addition, the wipers cannot clean the entire surface of the glass and there are always places on the glass that is not cleaned. And it’s only on the windshield; as the side windows are not cleaned at all, and the rear window is not always equipped with a windscreen wiper, but if it is, then its cleaning area is by no means large.

However, the good news is that a skill like How To Produce Rain Repellant For Car Mirrors and Windscreen can safe you in times like this.  To be honest with you; learning how to make rain repellant for car mirrors and windscreen is easy and cheap; so, why not give it a try and start making some extra cash.

If you are looking for a production that is new and very profitable in Nigeria, this is one of them. I can bet you there are very people who know how this is made. When driving amid heavy downpour; you need a clean windscreen for enjoying better visibility in a hostile weather condition and a water-repellent solution makes the job easier.

5 Benefits of Using Rain Repellent For Car Mirrors and Windscreen

Rain repellents come with numerous benefits; as they are not just a simple piece of car accessory; but one of the essential needs for hassle-free driving in any weather condition. It comes with many amazing benefits, some of which are necessary to avoid any mishappenings during driving.

1. Better Visibility

Rain repellant allows long-lasting wipers and better visibility during the travel even in the worst weather conditions.

2. Ensures Safe Driving:

The water repellents form protective armor over the car’s windshield; which allows the water to slide down naturally without easily scratching the glass.

3. Scratch-resistant:

This rain repellent also protects your windscreen against small particles that causes scratches on your windscreen.

4. Ensures Safe Driving:

The water repellents form protective armor over the car’s windshield; which allows the water to slide down naturally without easily scratching the glass.

5. Prevention Against Acid Water:

Rain repellant helps you to take care of the acid water that comes from the various contaminations that can affect your normal driving experience. The more unobstructed view and adequate protection with the water repellents make the people feel safe during their travel.

How To Use Rain Repellent For Car Mirrors and Windscreen

Step 1: Prepare the surface thoroughly by washing with soap and water.

Step 2: Clean the surface with a towel or any other dry and clean soft cloth

Step 3: Spray the glass evenly with rain repellent

Step 4: Gently massage the product in using a tissue paper or soft dry clean towel and leave it to absorb. Then get another dry soft towel to clean the surface again.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Rain Repellent For Car Mirrors and Windscreen

I have compiled 3 BEST methods to produce quality rain repellent for car mirrors and windscreen.

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