How To Make Money From AMEN In Nigeria

ASSOCIATION OF MICRO ENTREPRENEURS OF NIGERIAVery few people actually knows what AMEN stands for and how to benefit from them; just like I was some years back. AMEN is an acronyms for ASSOCIATION OF MICRO ENTREPRENEURS OF NIGERIA and there are so many benefits of being a member of AMEN, but sometimes you just want to have a taste of what AMEN members enjoys before parting with your money – that is not bad though. Being a registered member; AMEN  will help to have easy NAFDAC REGISTRATION.

Lately, Nigeria small business owners can now get easy NAFDAC registration and start selling their product to the local and the international market. A lot of Nigeria small business owners who want to start producing foods, herbal and household product with small capital find it very difficult to start because of the problem of getting equipment, factory site and the almighty NAFDAC approval. Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN) has come to solve this problem by providing adequate facilities and logistics support to members.


  1. Buy a membership form for N1,000 or click here to register online with AMEN
  2. Fill the form and return to the secretariat (Industrial Development Centre(IDC), Owode Ibeshe Road, RAONI bus stop, Ikorodu, Lagos.) with a copy of your business registration certificate from corporate affairs commission.
  3. The form should be accompanied with a registration fee of N10,000 and
  4. Developmental Fee N 4,000 (the total of N15,000) payable to any Diamond Bank with the account number 0018358105 or to any ECOBANK with account number 0642004869.
  5. The screening committee headed by president shall conduct an interview for such intending member(s).


The objective of AMEN includes:-

  1. To promote our members products and occupation.
  2. Giving information to our members on the government rules and regulation on their field of occupations.
  3. To assist or help our members who need financial assistance to promote their business.
  4. Generally to promote our members well being.
  5. To ensure that our members produce quality Goods.
  6. To be assistance to government agencies such as; NAFDAC, SON, NDLEA, etc in fighting against sub standard products and fake product in the Nigeria market by reporting to the appropriate agencies.
  7. Creating employment opportunities for Nigeria populace through micro production.
  8. To empower the youth in order to be self. reliant
  9. To expose members to local and foreign markets through trade fairs/exhibitions.
  10. To participate actively on government policy or issues affecting our members business and through dialogue get the best out of it.
  11. To partner with institutions in both public and private sectors towards promoting our members business.
  12. Promoting export of our members product globally through information technology.
  13. To promote good standard of living for members
  14. Linking our members to internal and external donor agencies for sources of finance and appropriate technology and technical skill for the advancement of their business.
  15. To organize seminars for members and non members across the nation.
  16. Amen carry out research works on behalf of members. The results are made available to them at a little cost or sometimes free.
  17. To ensure that members improve on the indigenous or traditional techniques of production which are labour intensive, time consuming and unable to meet the modern market demand of their products.
  18. To offer industrial extension services to members both in manufacturing and agricultural sector.
  19. Amen also educate its members on writing Business plan, project implementation management, Ad-hoc consultancy services by writing to organization who are specialist to come for presentation during its monthly meetings.
  20. Amen also settle disputes among members and non members when such issues will adversely affect their business.


You will need to join AMEN, the association will help you with Company registration, Trade mark registration, product analysis, the associations will help to get a place to where you will be producing your product which they call contract manufacturing, NAFDAC will come and inspect the factory site which AMEN has provided and will give you approval with an identification number, you may decide to own your sites after you might have made enough money, you will retain your registration number while NAFDAC will only inspect the new production sites.


  • Make money as a retailer: As a member of the association you will have access to sell the product produce by the member either as a retailer or wholesaler, it will give you an opportunity to buy from the fellow members at a subsidize rate and sell at the local and the international market.
  • Product packaging to meet the international standard: AMEN also help fellow members to package their product to meet the international standard, the experience members  who are already in tune with what is obtained in foreign country and the packaging pattern of various importing countries assist new members to make sure that their packaging method meet the international standard
  • Products available: Food products, cream, herbal product, insecticide, soap, disinfectant, and agro-product, You can package any of Nigeria food product, house-hold product in a sealed nylon bag, Carton, Bottle, tin or small packs of 1kg,2kg, 3kg.

Now you don’t have an excuse for not producing before the end of this year AMEN has provided unique opportunities for hardworking Nigerians that wants to genuinely penetrate the local and international market. You can drop your questions, request or comments below.

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  1. I am based in Ado-ekiti EKITI STATE. Is there any AMEN office in my state? If yes where is the address? If none where do I get the nearest office?

  2. Must one have to register with AMEN in their Lagos office, considering those who are not residing in Lagos?

    Thank you.

  3. my question is this. After all the registration payment are we going to pay for the space of production(industrial park) which you called contract manufacture.


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