How To Make Quality And Industrial Standard Hair Cream

Please, if you aren’t ready to use this for business – kindly stay off this post. This is because we are ready to make this year rewarding for all our loyal fans.

So, if you are into cosmetics or hair care business; then, you better take this post very serious for the following reasons:

  1. The method I share here today can’t be found anywhere online (If you are in this business, you’ll know this is true.) This is because it’s a top industry secret!
  2. This is not going to be for everyone!!!

But before I go into details; allow me answer some basic questions for clarity sake.

What is Hair Cream?

Hair cream, commonly termed as styling cream; is a substance that adds natural shine to rough hair. It smoothens the tamed hair and holds them well; so that they don’t fall. In simple words, it removes frizz and fly-away without making them heavy.

Hair creams are not solid like wax, or sticky like a gel, they are thick creams that works for all hair types. Hair cream is especially a boon for curly and long unmanageable mane, that gets easily entangled. Applying cream boost the curls or wavy hair without weighing them down.

Why Hair Cream?

Just like our body, our hair needs nourishment too, and a lot of it! Oils can provide nourishment, but it makes hair look sticky. Hair cream does not only fulfill styling needs but also works to make hair healthy.

Ingredients Needed To Make Quality And Industrial Standard Hair Cream

  1. Petroleum Jelly
  2. Beeswax
  3. Shea butter
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Olive Oil
  6. Almond oil
  7. Peppermint
  8. Aloe vera gel
  9. Perfume
  10. Color

Step By Step Guide To Produce Quality And Industrial Standard Hair Cream

Step 1: Get a burner or gas cooker

Step 2: Get two pots; 1 BIG and the other small, for double boiling.

Step 3: Put water in the BIG port halfway.

Step 4: Place the small pot inside the BIG pot containing water.

Step 5: Put the Beeswax in the small pot and allow it to melt.

Step 6: Add petroleum jelly to the content in the small pot

Step 7: Add Shea butter to the small pot’ content

Step 8: Add coconut oil to the small pot’ content

Step 9: Add Olive Oil to the small pot’s content

Step 10: Add Almond Oil to the small pot’s content

Step 11: Add Peppermint to the content in the small pot

Step 12: Add color to the content in the small pot

Step 13: Take OUT the small pot from the BIG pot

Step 14: Add Aloe vera gel to the content in the small pot

Step 15: Add perfume to the content in the small pot

Step 16: Package for sale

Remember I said this is not for everyone earlier… but I made it afodable for anyone serious about business.

For the purpose of those who aren’t ready for business; I have decided to protect this guide – I am sorry if that hurts you. But honestly, there is no need to learn how to produce quality industrial standard hair cream, if not for business.

What I did was to make this available at an affordable price N15,000.

The Guide Teaches You:

  1. The amount of each ingredient to use.
  2. The ingredients you can do without; as you don’t need all the above ingredients to make quality and industrial standard hair cream; as this will unnecessarily increase your production costs.
  3. The ingredients you can’t do without
  4. The ingredients you can increase in quantities if some other ingredients aren’t available.
  5. Other ingredients you can add to your productions to make a specific type of hair cream that aren’t listed above

Please note: That I can discontinue the sale of this guide at any time.

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