How To Make Perfume And Make Lots Of Money

How to make perfume and make lots of money

There are indeed lots if reasons to use perfume now than ever! One of which are: the use of perfume can grately reduce rate at which you change your Waldrop and the amount you spend on dry cleaning. No wonder the need for quality perfumes are in high demand.

Another good reason you should be thinking of making your own perfume is because it can also be another source of income for you; leave it of take it – if you must survive in this economy; you need to LEARN MORE SKILLS TO EARN MORE!

However, the aim of any Perfume is to produce nice fragrance on our body or on the cloth where it is applied. It is also used to create a compelling personality. The use of a good perfume helps to create self confidence in the wearer. It is now an integral part of our daily make-up gear.

Perfumes come in different shapes of bottles, colours and brand name. It might interest you to know that perfume is one of the easiest things you can produce, with little capital, equipment, time and armed with the formulation that will be given to you below. You can make perfume that is custom made for a particular person; that is to say that the perfume I will teach below can never be seen in the market. There are endless possibilities and all you have to do is keep an open mind and allow your creativity to soar.


  1. Mixer chamber
  2. Measuring cylinder
  3. Stirrer

S/n Raw Materials Quantity

1 Methanol 50 grams

2 Avalon (Raw perfume) 1.5 kg

3 Colourant (optional) 2.5 kg

4 Glycerine (optional) 1 kg

5 Water (optional) 10 kg

6 Blue river (Raw perfume) 1.9 kg

7 Tahoe (Raw perfume) 5 kg

8 212 (Raw perfume) 1 kg


Step 1: Wash all the apparatus to be used very well to avoid impregnation of any unwanted odour or aroma

Step 2: Measure out the raw perfumes into the mixing chamber

Step 3: Add the methanol and stir to homogeneity

Step 3b: Add the water (if you want to). I should tell you that adding water will reduce the quality of your perfume but if you are producing for the off the shelf market, you will need to add water

in order to maximal profit. But if you are into bespoke production please do not add water

  1. Add glycerin (only if you are into bespoke production)
  2. Add colour if you want, but be informed that it might cause staining of cloths when used

on white cloths

  1. Leave to stand for 2 hours before packaging
  2. Package your product ready for the market

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  1. Thank you ma. God will continue to bless and increase you in Jesus name. helpers will not be far from you and your children in Jesus name.

    • @Donald, unfortunately we are done with all practical training sessions for the year 2018. We will be doing another training by February next year. Just subscribe to how newsletters and you will be updated.

    • Thank God. Make sure you help someone by sharing this blog with them, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter; so you don’t miss out on any update.

  2. Good evening. Please I have being wanting to make air freshener like that of drum air freshener block type but don’t know how.
    Please can you please teach this. Will so much love it and I sure others will appreciate it too.
    Thank you for your response.

  3. Hi! Nice work you’re doing here. I learnt methsnol is harmful to human yet it’s part of the chemicals you listed out. Is there no alternatives?
    I didn’t quite understand some terms in your teaching, like bespoke… Please explain better. Thank you

      • I believe the measurement for the raw perfume should be in litre not kilogram. This error could be due to much workload, I assume. God bless you

    • @Yemo, can you please supply your location? We can help you send the chemicals.
      However, you can also get it from some local chemical shop in the market like Ojota Market if you are in Lagos.

  4. Quite a few perfumes use food flavours in them, so extracts are an easy way of incorporating them into your own creations. Can you elaborate. Is there any additional information like what you would prefer to use as a stabilizer. I remember reading somewhere there is a chemical to hold the sent in for longevity, and a chemical to let this sent out for a good strong smell on the body. I m not sure if that s a secret that people want to keep but it would be fun to know this.


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