How To Make Payment Online With ATM

How To Make Payment Online With My ATMSometimes, you want to buy something online but don’t just know how it. Some other time; It may be that you need to some bill but you just can’t get it done. Today, I shall be teaching you how you can use your ATM online.

Making payment online is very easy but dangerous if not done right. That is why it is important to be sure of where you use your ATM cards. There are lots of scamming websites who’s sole aim is to scam you of your hard earn money. The solution?

  1. Use your ATM on a trusted website. If you are not making any shady deal you are likely not to be a victim.
  2. Have a separate account for shopping online. That is what I do! I have two accounts and I move money from one account to the other. So, when I need to buy something online. I move money to the second account and make my purchase. Though, this is not necessary as it is just an extra caution.

Back to business… Shopping on most websites are always the same. As the steps involved are very similar! Whatever might be your bank or card vendor e.g Master card, Visa card, American Express e.t.c the processes are always the same.



  1. Register with the desire website. This will give you the opportunity to have access to their payment processor where you will input your details. Though, not all website will require you to register anyway.
  2. Login to the website or online shop where you like to use your Master/Visa to make payment online with ATM
  3. Select card payment option as there are usually different options available. e.g Western Union, Bank Wire, Paypal, Bank Deposit (if its a Nigeria website) e.t.c
  4. Fill in your card details: Card Name, Card Number, Card Expiring Date and your Card CVV/Security Code.
  5. If you are asked for a PIN please enter your ATM PIN but most websites to require this step.
  6. Click on Order/Buy/Pay Now depending on the website – just make your order!
  7. You will be ask to input a token number in most cases or a secret code will be sent to you from your bank in the case of Stanbic IBTC Bank. Just enter your Token number and complete the order process. Viola!!!!

By now you have receive a successful ordering message. There is nothing more to using your ATM online or buying things with your ATM online. It is dam simple and straight forward.

Please, you can drop your questions or comments below.

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