How To Make Natural Organic Lightening Black Soap

Sometimes last year, my wife started producing natural soap; both in bar and liquid. The good thing about her soap is that it works like magic. As a matter of fact, we still have some people that comes home to buy her soap up till this very moment. However, if I must be sincere with you; selling natural soap is very easy; just that you may need to produce for different skins. It may also interest you to know that selling natural or organic soap is easier than selling chemical soap. Just the fact that it’s organic, it’s enough to get it sold.

You will agree with me that there are lots of people claiming guru on Natural soap production; unfortunately, some of them aren’t trained. They believe because it’s natural, you can just miss anything together. Unfortunately, this is not true! Just like it is in chemical soap; you need to understand why you use certain ingredient in your soap. Remember, good and practiced knowledge is power.

When she started producing her soap; we did a lot of product testing ourselves before selling to the public. It may interest you to know that her first production was hitching like hell! We had to through away that production, but her second and third productions were better; before she became master of it.

Today, I will be sharing one of her early recipe with you; although, she has a better on this time; so, there is no harm in sharing. However, if you desire to learn from her; you can indicate your interest here, and she will likely come up with a training for you.

Before I share her recipe; I must tell you that this production works differently on different skins, but the end result is always great. So, follow me carefully and leave your questions below if any.

Benefits of Natural Organic Soap

  1. It is Organic
  2. It is environmental friendly
  3. It is healthy
  4. Its results are natural
  5. It is easy to produce
  6. It is cheap (But not always o o o)
  7. It has huge market
  8. The profit is also huge (a small case of natural soap goes for 2,500 or more depending on the skin)

Benefits of This Natural Organic Soap Recipe

  • It lightens your skin
  • It makes your skin glows
  • It fights sunburn
  • It fights acne and pimples
  • It smoothens your skin

Materials Needed For This Natural Organic Soap Productoin

  1. Lemon Juice ………………. 2 spoons
  2. Honey …………………….. 3 spoons
  3. Tumeric ……………………1 spoon
  4. Sulphur ……………………… 2 spoons
  5. Rice Flous ……………………. 3 spoons
  6. Powdered Milk …………….. 3 spoons
  7. Sandalwood …………………. 2 spoons
  8. Camwood ………………….. 2 spoons
  9. Carrot Juice ………………… 3 spoons
  10. Coconut Oil ………………….. 2 spoons
  11. Ghana Black Soap ………….. 1 Big Wrap

Please note: There is a huge different between Nigeria Black Soap and Ghana Black Soap. Aside from their look; Ghana Black Soap is usually bigger than Nigeria Black Soap. Secondly, Nigeria Black Soaps are already broken into pieces. So, be careful you aren’t using Nigeria Black Soap.

Steps In Producing Natural Organic Black Soap

Step 1: Make sure you smash the Ghana black soap into piece a small mortar and a pestle

Step 2: Add all the liquid ingredients one after the other and continue smashing i.e the carrot juice, the lemon juice, coconut oil and the honey.

Step 3: Add all the powdery ingredients one after the other and continue smashing until the mixture is close to smooth. Although, it won’t be totally smoothened anyway, but it should be well blended.

Step 4: Pack into a container, put and label.

Step 5: Sell your product

27 thoughts on “How To Make Natural Organic Lightening Black Soap”

  1. Hello sir…I will like to be a training under ur wife
    Can she give me a Whatsapp tutorial.
    If yes dis is my WhatsApp no

  2. Pls hw much cn a starter use to make the soap nd pls l hv strong black skin which l wnt it to lighten to chocolate color,hw cn l do it pls

  3. Sorry that I came late please i want to make the soap for my personaly use what are the quality that I will be needing

  4. When the soap changes colour,does it mean it won’t lighten the skin,and how fast does it work, like how many days before u achieve a lighter skin, thanks

  5. D spoon for measuring d ingredients is it tbspoon or teaspoon, what is d right preservatives to use and can we use it on d face alway.

  6. I will like to know what it entails to train on making organic soap for a fair skinned.
    Where can camwood, sandalwood, turmeric nd d than a soap b purchased

      • Please I made d soap without adding the preservative or baking soda (I thought it wasn’t necessary since you didn’t include it in ur ingredients) now my soap has changed color already,it is now black , please what do I do?
        Thank you


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