How To Make Money With Propane Conversion Kit

propane conversion kitDo you remember when recharge card business was hot? Some people made Billions out of the business! Do you remember when inverter business and Forex trading was all over the town? Some smart guys made some awesome cash that time. Now, it is the propane conversion kit; how much have you make?

Today’s piece is not for everyone; just like in the days of Noah – many are called but few are chosen! However, I am honestly happy because an earnbaser is already making use of this opportunity to make some real cool cash. Propane conversion kit is no longer new to Nigerians now. In fact, Nigerians are now accepting this technology better than before. May because Buhari is changing everything. lol

If I may ask; what is keeping you out of this business? I mean, why have you not started making some cash with this awesome technology? Whatever, might be your reasons; you are doing more harm to yourself than you think. Did you just say you don’t know how to start? I am going to give you a life testimony of an earnbaser here!

Please, meet this awesome lady called – Amara. She was in our office on Saturday 21/05/2016 to get a propane conversion kit. Before then Amara as called me that she will love to learn how to install the propane conversion kit and as a result she got the installation video from me but she wanted more.

I told her I do not have the propane conversion kit on ground at the moment but she insist she want to have a practical experience with the installation. Amara said she already has two clients before coming over to our office and as a result she must go with at least one propane conversion kit. When I saw her zeal and resilient; I suggest we go and get from a friend and she accepted.

So, we both went to my friend’s place and got the propane kit and do a practical installation before she left. Amara was one in a million. She was a courageous lady indeed!

We got the conversion kit for 25,000 and she will be selling them for 30,000 – 35,000 each. The good thing is that you can import this stuff will less than 10,000. Yes, you heard me right! let’s assume you imported the stuffs for around 10,000 and you sell for 25,000 like my friend. You are already making a profit of 15,000 at a go with no stress.

This information is not for end users – I mean, people who just want to use. The information am giving out here is for people who are ready to make cool money with this awesome technology.

If you are ready. I will be teaching just 20 people the following:

  1. How to import this device for far less than 10,000
  2. How to buy the right propane conversion kit that is safe
  3. How to install any kind of propane conversion kit
  4. I will be showing you proofs
  5. and many more…


All These For Just N2,500 First Come First Serve! Text Your NAME to 08060023272 To Reserve Your Seat. Just 20 people are going to be accommodated


If you think 2,500 is much for this you can spend it as usual or better still save it in bank!!!

4 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Propane Conversion Kit”

    • @Yetunde, you can order for our comprehensive DVD on propane kit conversion business.
      It contains all you need to know from buying to safety and installation.
      It all dealt with common faults and solutions.
      Thanks Yetunde for checking out

  1. Good day Sir,
    I just came across your post and i am interested, like i want to learn it from the scratch, but i reside in Port Harcourt, so how do i get to perfect on it in the act of installation and purchasement.
    Contact email: [email protected]

    • @Philmemon, thanks for visiting EARNBASE. However, you can get my Comprehensive DVD that teaches everything about propane conversion kit; from buying to installation to repaire and many more.It teaches all you need to know from beginning to the end.

      As for perfection on installation; that comes with PRACTICE just like every other skill.

      I hope this helps. Thanks once again!


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