How To Make Money With Jumia [kaymu] Market Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program vs jumia affiliate programI bring you good news today and I am sure this will benefit everyone reading this piece whether you have a website, blog or none. If you have been struggling to make money online; this might be your first sure online GOLD mine. I said SURE!!! This is not another MMM or HYIP program with great RISK.

Honestly, there has never been a better way to earn money online that this method. This method can make you ANY AMOUNT! Depending on how far you understand the system. Don’t be scared; you have nothing to loos but EVERYTHING to gain as this system does not require you to SELL ANYTHING OR INVEST ANY MONEY. I thought, I told you this is not another MMM or HYIP program earlier; so why are you giving me that face? Ok, it is an affiliate program with a BIG different!!!

If you don’t know what an affiliate link is; an affiliate link is a link you get when you register with a website to promote their products. This how an affiliate marketing systems works:

  1. You become an affiliate (That means you registered to promote that website)
  2. You will be given a link called affiliate link (this is not where we are going today)
  3. You promotes your affiliate link BUT won’t make money unless someone buys through your affiliate link else…OYO

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program

But this affiliate marketing program is different because YOU DON’T HAVE TO SELL ANYTHING BEFOR YOU START MAKING MONEY. This is one of the SECRET of the BIG boys – It is called Jumia Market Affiliate Program!

jumia Market Affiliate Program Sign Up Bonus

When you signed up with Jumia Market Affiliate Program you will be rewarded with N500 bonus commission after which you will be given a link which you will promote on your website, blog, Facebook, twitter, instagram and even whatsapp.

How To Locate Your Jumia Marketing Affiliate Link

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program commission linkNow that this will only be possible if you are already registered above else click here to register. This is because Jumia MARKETING Affliate Program is different from Jumia Affiliate Program.

Here is the FUN part! All you have to do is to share this link with friends to sign up for the program. When people sign up via your link, you get another N300 while you will get a commission of N700 anytime someone makes a purchase via your link.

Cookie time is 24 hours. What this implies is that you get the commission of N700 anytime someone clicks on your link, making a purchase in the span of 24 hours after they clicked on the link irrespective of the price of the product purchased. This means that you can even make money by buying through your own link; even if that item cost N500 you will still get N700.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program commission

In addition, if you get more than 100 valid Sales in one week, you will earn N1,500 per transaction generated the following week instead of the usual N700 per transaction. You can click here to register Now for Jumia Market Affiliate Program

I hope this helps someone. Feel FREE to leave your questions, suggestions or views as comments below.

2 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Jumia [kaymu] Market Affiliate Program”

  1. Thank you for the information. What i am seeing on your post is quite different from what is on Jumia affiliate program. I do not really understand. On jumia, once a person purchases within the space of 30 days and depending on the product being sold, u get your commision. Is this one different from the one i saw?
    Kindly explain.


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