How to Make Money With Information Marketing – Lesson One

information marketingI welcome you to this piece. Today, I shall be writing on the topic: Information Marketing. What actually is information marketing? Why information marketing? How to start information marketing? And many more are questions will be answer in this piece.

Information Marketing consists of two main words – Information and Marketing. I think for the purpose of learning and understanding, it is essential we define each of this word differently.

Information is the knowledge or collected facts about a specific subject. This means that any collected fact about any subject at all is called information. So, what is marketing?

Marketing is the business activity of presenting products or services in a desirable way. In another word, marketing is the act of selling products and/or services.

This simply means that information marketing, is the selling of knowledge or idea to others. It’s paramount to know that everybody needs one information or the other; because I don’t need that information does not mean others do not need it.

Myths about Information Marketing

  1. Everybody knows it: This is not true! Even the so called common sense is not common to all. So, how come you expect everybody to know about everything? Because I am good in Mathematics does not mean I will be good in dating or keeping relationship. Another reason to consider information marketing is that people tends to forget what they don’t practice or use frequently. This means that what I know some years ago might have escaped my memory as a result of not using or practicing it and I’ll need a quick guide, if not a thorough training to remember.
  2. It is not important: Don’t ever fall a victim of this; haven’t you hear of this saying? “No knowledge is waste”. The reason for thinking the information is not important is because you knew about it. However, this is not enough reason to keep that information to yourself either.
  3. Nobody will buy it: Anyway, maybe you don’t know that the business trends has changed and now it’s on information; gone are those days when people are skeptical in buying good and valuable information. Nowadays, people will spend their last kobo on getting valuable information. Knowing fully well that you cannot be greater than the information you acquired.

God has blessed everyone with one knowledge or the other; that is why there can never be monopoly of knowledge because someone cannot know everything. More so, people have come to realize that the only way you grow is by learning that is why information will always sell!

Advantages of Information

Do you know that the information you are holding on can make you rich? Do you know that someone, somewhere is dying to have this information with you? Maybe you do not know that you can safe a family, a life and even a country with that piece in your hand. On this note, I shall tell you five advantages of information marketing:

  1. Information is power – because it moves the world.
  2. The only means by which will grow is through learning (which means information) he who stops to learn stops to grow.
  3. There is no limit to your market
  4. You can always modify your work at easy
  5. Anybody can do it.

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