How To Make Big Money With Handcraft

handcraft2Are you into bead maker? Are you a fashion designer? Are you into bar or liquid soap making? Do you make sandals, shoes or bags yourself? Are you into any form of handcraft and like to make BIG money? If you answer yes to any of the above; then this pieces is for you.

I recently made a liquid soap at home for the purpose of training and empowering my readers on earn base. After the productions I gave some of the products to my neighbors. After two to three days some of them came to me to inquire if they can be buying from me. Unfortunately, I tuned down their offers!!! Not because, I do not want to make extra cash but because my hands are tight already. Let us believe that was just a mire happenstance.

Just yesterday; I made another home product – insecticide. This time around I decide to give the end products to different neighbors. Unfortunately for me; they can to ask if I can also produce for sale. Then I begin to wonder what have I done differently from others. This is because all my neighbor have their customers for these products. I wonder why they will leave their customer and choose to buy from me without taking a second look. This piece is the summary of my thoughts.

  1. Make Quality product: Maybe because I was doing mine for training purposes; I made my products very quality. I chose the best chemical compositions and use the best methods – all available on earnbase for free. I remember instead of producing 5 liters of insecticide I chose to produce 3 liters using the same chemicals that some would have used to produced 5 -7 liters of insecticide.
  2. Use Difference Color: I am sorry; if this did not go along with what you think but honestly my color was different. My insecticide was milky and not the usual browning color available every where. I think this clear different indicated that my chemical combinations were different and that my color signifies originality. This is because if I had used the same color they would have mistakenly taken my products like other products.
  3. Right Packaging: I think this is also very important. Thought, it was a sample product but it was offered with golden bag. I make sure my packaging made them a celebrity. I did not use eva bottle for my liquid soap sample; rather, I chose a very special bottle that was not common among people producing liquid soap. If you don’t have the right package do not launch. It’s as simple as that; no right package no product!!!
  4. Give Sample: your sample product do not have to be free. You can give your product as a gift if they buy somethings else. e.g if you buy a shoe or body cream from me; I will give you my specially made hand sanitizer as a bonus. It was a bonus to the customers but a sample product to you. Remember, this is the same techniques used by big companies when they want to launch any new products. They will give out the products as a bonus first in other to encourage people to use it. This is important because people do not trust new products. So, they need to be confused before you can win their trust.
  5. Give Sample to The Right People: This is another way of saying get your market right. It is a waste of time giving liquid soap to a bachelor who seldom wash. He probably won’t use it! But imagine you give a nice liquid soap to a mother of newly born twins. You probably know what is like to happen –  your sales will sky rocket!

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