How to Make Liquid SOAP Like a Professional For FREE – Intro

liquid soapI want to welcome you all to this tutorial, where we shall be giving you coincide, sincere and undiluted information on soap making.
There are many reasons why you like to acquire this skill. Whatever might be your reasons; I want to tell you – you are in a safe hand. Just yesterday, I read a news online yesterday where CBN encourages Nigerians to brace up for hard times. This is just one of the many reasons that posses threat on our economy.

As if this was not enough; there are some people who claims they master this skill but end up giving Nigerians crappy information in exchange for their hard earn money. But today we shall be giving you the real information for FREE!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Soap making in itself is not dangerous but the process of soap making is very dangerous; as there are some chemical that can leave permanent scares on your body if care is not taken.

How to Make Quality Liquid Soap In 60 Minutes

That is why you must not do anything on assumption as the result may be dangerous. If you are not clear on anything make sure you ASK QUESTIONS
Alongside with what we shall be teaching you here; I will be giving you some videos to clear the air on the process. Again, if you need more information or you need to get in contact with me; If need be we can even come to your area to teach you the whole process – I am not crazy; it is just my passion.

Here Are What You Will Get
1. The different types of soap
2. The chemicals needed
3. Th names of the chemicals
4. What the chemical does
5. Where to get the chemicals
6. Preparing yourself for soap making
7. The process of making the soap
8. Making the soap proper
9. Packaging and branding
10. Distributions and sales

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17 thoughts on “How to Make Liquid SOAP Like a Professional For FREE – Intro”

  1. Hi, I just started a business producing liquid soap for dish washing. Do you have a specific recipe for it or it a general purpose detergent.
    Please I need the procedure and recipe. Also where to buy the ingredients in Rivers State.

  2. I Isong. Sincerely appreciate ur unreserved friendly personality. I must confess at this point that I need ur visit to my house CALL ME ON 08036946771


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