FOUR Simple Steps to Make Liquid Soap For FREE (Video) – Part 1

I welcome you to this tutorial. This is the beginning of how video series on how to make liquid soap for free. We are doing this not because we are special but because we know it will help some of our readers.

Making liquid soap is not a means for eradicating poverty because it is originally a venture for the rich and affluent. Today, we have decided to make it open and FREE for all; so that we can also make some extra cash if not our major source of income. That is why the methods we teach you on are methods to produce the best liquid soap.

(Video) How to Make Liquid Soap – Part 2

Please, be patient with me as this is just the first part of the video series. you comment will greatly be of help in the second part. However, I urge you to let me know what have done wrong in this part one so I can correct it in the coming part two.

I encourage you to ask questions by leaving comments below and I will attend to it immediately.

18 thoughts on “FOUR Simple Steps to Make Liquid Soap For FREE (Video) – Part 1”

  1. Good work. Thanks for this platform. My question is do you train people practically ( one on one) and if yes sir, I want to know how. Thanks

    • @Yakubu, I am sorry this happen to you. Honestly, this was my first experience too when I firat tried making liquid soap. I understood exactly how you feel.
      Hiwever, the only thing that causes this is insufficient water. Just immargin what happens when you soak Garri without enough water – it becomes sticky, Right? That is the same thing that happens! So, when next you want to produce make sure you have enough water.
      Please, get back to me if you need any help. I can also give you a phone direction if you won’t mind.
      Thanks for visiting Earn Base

  2. How is detergent market like? How do you source raw materials? What is government regulations on the importations of detergent powder for rebag in nigeria?


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