How to Make Juice Like A Professional In 60 seconds

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I told you that you can use your kitchen blender in my previous post. This is probably because you are to save time and money. Using blender works especially well if you have a high quality high speed blender.

How to Make Juice Like A Professional In 60 seconds

Did I say 60 seconds? I must have lost my mind. Making juice can be very simple and fast but can’t be done in 60 seconds. So, how do we make juice fast?

Simply, chop your produce and begin placing it into your blender, little by little with enough pure water to cover the vegetables. Blend, and add more vegetables, fruit and water as needed until you have enough juice. Then, pour the mixture through a strainer or nut milk bag to catch the pulp. Nut milk bags are very helpful when using your blender to juice because they allow you to squeeze out every last drop of liquid.

Juice production is as simple as that and can be very complex if you want and even more complex if you desire. What actually determines the complexity of your juice production are the fruits and vegetables use have decided to use.

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Other Foods, Super-foods and Supplements to Add to Your Juices

Did I say anything about super-foods and algaes before now? These are ancient, whole, raw foods that have more recently appeared on the commercial supplement market.

Generally, we call them super-foods because their nutritional profile far exceeds that of common foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains. They also tend to be more absorbable, which means that your body will be able to more effectively use all of the nutrition that they contain.

Adding super-foods to your juices can help you fill cravings and keep you satisfied. This might be particularly helpful if you are deficient in some nutrients.

Below are some easy-to-find super-foods that you may want to add to your juices.


Spirulina is an algae. It is also the world’s oldest source of complete food – containing a high amount of complete proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It has been known to aid in the healing of many illnesses including developmental problems in children.

You can add spirulina to your juice in powder form. Then, shake or stir well.


Chlorella is another form of algae that has been around for thousands of years. Because it is less cooling than spirulina it can be easier for people who live in cooler climates to absorb. Chlorella naturally cleans the water systems of toxic waste, and the same benefits are shared within your body when you add chlorella to your diet. It’s a great detoxifier. Chlorella can be added to your juice just like spirulina. Some green formulas even combine the two algaes.

Young Coconut Water

This is the juice or liquid from inside a young green coconut. Oftentimes, these coconuts are sold in your healthy grocery store with a white husk on the outside. This means that the green shell has been removed, and the husk has been treated for travel.

Coconut Water has been used to save lives in 3rd world countries though coconut IV, because the chemical make up of the water is identical to human blood plasma. Of course, this water (or juice) is mineral rich. In fact, drinking coconut while working out can take the place of any sports drink out there. It replenishes your electrolytes in a much healthier way. Add coconut water to your juice if you want something sweet and mellow, but that packs a huge nutritional punch.

Green Powders

There are so many green powders on the market that you can use to enhance the value of your juice. Most of them contain dried vegetables, greens, grasses and roots – so that you get both nutritional value and also healing properties like, liver support.

If you know that you have nutrient deficiencies or problems absorbing the nutrition from your food, adding a high quality green powder to your juice may help you.

Vitamineral Green

Vitamineral Green is a very balanced, alkaline green powder formula that we like a lot. The company, Health Force Nutritionals, takes great care in selecting high quality organic ingredients and balancing their formulas properly for ultimate absorption.

Ormus Greens

Ormus Greens is another awesome option for green powders. They are grown in soil that is rich in gold, silver and trace minerals that give the greens a magnetic quality. They are said to increase the vibrational frequency of those who consume them.

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