How To Make JELEEN Or JELLY In Nigeria

Jeleen is a gelatinous production formulated to nourish the body. Although the consumption of this product is seasonal, it tends to beautify the body especially the dried and scale skin. That is why it is very necessary in the Haramattan season. In Jeleen industries, we need equipment and chemicals as stated below with their function


This includes the materials that the material that the organization has provide for the production of this product. They are few and very simple in form and operation, they include

a. BOILER/MIXER: This is the machine for heating and mixing the component chemicals together to form our JELEEN. Since neither the chemicals not the product are corrosive, one could use even aluminium to fabricate the boiler. The boiler in JELEEN is also serve as a mixer. Our machine classified into two:

a. Electric Machine

b. Manual machine

A. ELECTRIC MACHINE: this has electric heating system and mixing f the chemical combination. It has many designs and capacity.

B. MANUAL MACHINE: This is the type that iHow To Make JELEEN In Nigerias operated by man power. It equally has various capacity and designs depending on individual choices. Their similarities are; that they are both not very complicated and are all used for producing the same item. The degree of comparisons are outlined below.


1. Easy, fast and simple to operate          

2. Cost more to established

3. It is more efficient


1. Difficult, slow and tideous to operate

2. It cost less to establish

3. It is less efficient.


a. HEATING SYSTEM: This could be by the method of your choice ranging from coal and fire wood, electric burner that can generate heat warning or boiling the chemical ingredients.

b. CONTAINAERS:  Here, these instrument are classified into three categories which are;

i. Measuring  container used for taking the ratio of the chemicals for production

ii. Packaging container: This is for packing the chemical form one point to the other.

iii. The final set will serve for the final packaging of our product for sale.

c. CARTON: this could be open box made from plastic, paper or cardboard sheet used for lifting our final products to the market for sales.


a. You should know that both your final products and cartons should bear your trade mark for advertisement and authenticity.

b. You should adopt a mechanism of having a constant pack form time to time. Examples are scales and graduated filter.


 There is a need to draw our attention to the fact that all the chemicals involved in JELEEN’S production are petroleum waste products and that is why the name petroleum is always bodly written on the container. They are as follows

a. PARAFFINE OIL: this is the binding agent in the composition.

b. PETROLEUM JELEEN: this is the base of the product.

c. PARAFFIN WAX: this is the building and preservative agent of the formation.

Petroleum Jeleen and paraffin oil are always two colours which are yellow and white. That is to say that we have these two colours in Jeleen product in the market. When you want to produce, you should put into consideration the one of your choice. You are expected to buy one type, white or yellow respectively so as to achieve a particular colour. When you mix both colours in your production, you are going to arrive at a neutral colour which will neither be white nor yellow. This should be noted.

FORMATION: this is the act, process or formula; of forming, by which the chemicals are combined to achieve the product. For easy understanding, we have converted the formula to ratio instead of percentage. This formula should be strictly adhered to as anything more or less would result to less quality product. The formula is as follow;

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