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Fiverr is undoubtedly one of the oldest and surest way to make money online. I remember when I was fist introduced to Fiverr in 2008. I jumped to Fiverr to quickly put into practice what have learnt; and honestly I was happy to make my first $100 online. I was so excited that I could not hold the joy of earning online.

I remembered I told my friends about it and we all made some decent amount of money on Fiverr before things started going wrong – I will tell you about this in my next post. Why things went wrong? I honestly don’t know at that time; I just new I started getting bad reviews and sales starts dropping. This made me to give up on Fiverr and find another means to earn money online; but honestly speaking Fiverr was too simple to quit. Understanding that Fiverr is one of the easier and simplest way to make money online; I reconsidered it in 2015 from a different approach with new understanding –  and the result way worth while.

I think I need to tell you that not all information you see on fiverr are usually very useful when it comes to making money on Fiverr. That is why you must be very careful with the information you believe. However, there is no crime if you have one testing account and another real account. This will help you to test out new tricks on your testing account before implementing such tricks on your real account.

Today, I will be introducing you to Fiver once again from a different approach. This will enable you to have an holistic view of the whole process.

What is Fiverr And Why Was It Invented?

Fiverr is simply a market place where buyer and sellers meet to exchange service for $5. The seller rendered a service to the buyer for $5. The idea behind this is to make some services cheap. Secondly, it serves as a source of income to the seller. Fiverr is built on a win win system. The buyer gets the service cheap for $5 compare to what would have been charged normally if the services was to be rendered outside Fiverr and the seller makes some extra cash.

How does Fiverr works?

The first thing you do on Fiverr just like every other website is to open an account with them. After that you will be told to confirm your email after which you set your profile and start selling – setting up Gigs.

Each service/gig you render on Fiverr as a fixed price of $5. Fiverr will deduct $1 and pay you $4; this means that for evry $5 gig yo are making $4 on every sales.

Before now Fiverr gives you the privileged to open up to 20 gigs on one account but things as changed as you can only open 7 gigs on one account at the time of writing this piece.

What Service Can You Sell On Fiverr?

If the truth must be told; there is no service that can’t be rendered on Fiverr. Just that there are terms and conditions that must be melt. The services ranges from:

  1. programming
  2. Graphics
  3. Music
  4. Teaching
  5. Voice Over
  6. Web Designing
  7. Web Analysis
  8. Web Traffic
  9. SEO
  10. Game
  11. Solving School Assignments
  12. Social Media Adverts and many more; the end is endless.

Some Terminologies Used On Fiverr

Just like every businesses there are some terminologies that you need to understand them and Fiverr is not an exception. These are common terms you will always here around Fiverr. They are:

  • Gig(s): is/are is just another term for the services you are rendering to the buyer(s) on Fiverr. When I say what are your Gigs I am saying what services are you rendering. It’s that simple.
  • Sellers: This is the person or organization that created the Gig or service to be sold on Fiverr.
  • Buyers: This is the person who needs a service on Fiverr.
  • Orders: This is an action taken by the buyer that initiate sale on Fiverr. When a buyer click on order it means a purchase has been made. That mean there is an agreement bidding the two parties (buyer and seller) on an agreed Purchase; it contains the title of the Gig, the price and the date of completion.
  • Order page: This is the page where both buyer and seller discuss on the ordered gig.
  • Custom offers: This is done by the buyer to notify Fiverr that the seller has delivered what he or she promised and that he(buyer) has received it. However, this is created by the seller and confirmed afterwards by the buyer.
  • Custom orders:  Are special orders that are  usually requested by the buyer from the seller.
  • Revenue: This is the money you make on Fiverr.
  • Gig extras: These are additional services offered for an additional price usually higher than $5. This is usually done by the seller.
  • Gig multiples are additional quantities of unique orders from the sellers gig.

I know you hate to hear this but it is just the truth. Fiverr is not a get rich system and there is no assurance that you will make a living on Fiverr. Though there are some people who are living on Fiverr but it was not started in  a day. If you want to make some extra cash at your own leisure time; then Fiverr is for you. Who knows you might end up making a living out of Fiverr.

I my next post I shall be talking about the 10 Ultimate Laws/Rules that can of ruin you Fiverr journey to wealth creation.

How To Set Up Your Profile On Fiverr

The best way to do this is to copy a top rated seller’s profile and edit it. I am sorry, I told you to copy. This does not mean you shouldering modify it to reflect your originality else you will be breaking the third law on your Fiverr journey.

Here Is The Trick

This will shock most of you as you probable have heard about this before. If you don’t have sales it might due to some reasons but this method can never be wrong.

The trick is that you should send buyers what you are offering rather than the buyer contacting you. It is the reverse process! Instead of you waiting for the buyer to make order; you should rather send your offer to the buyer to see. By this you are pushing your Gig before them and this will always work as you will always get 2 orders out of 10 buyers you contacted if not more

See you in the next post 10 Commandments of Fiverr That Must Not Be Broken.

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