How To Make Make Bar Soap Yourself And Make Money – Lesson One

Learn How to make Bar soapIt as being a very busy week for us as we are trying to make sure we bring you nothing but quality information. There are so many things to teach but we need to take them one after the other. After this series, we will start another series on palm kernel – its sourcing, production and sales. Oh! let’s get back to the subject at hand.

You will remember that I told you we shall be teaching how to make bar (solid) soap for both laundry and bathing. Yes, I am happy to inform you that the series start this week.

However, I think it is important we talk about the benefits of making your own soap. I mean, there are lots of advantages in making your own soap. That is why I have listed below some reasons why you need to learn how to make bar soap for yourself.

  1. It is cost efficient and effective: Buying soap in bulk is indeed cheap. But making your own soap is cheaper!!! Even if you are a millionaire you can greatly reduce some cost spent on soap by making your own soap.
  2. It is saver as you know the compositions of the soap: I hope the primary aim of every business man is to make profit. That is why some commercial soap maker leaves out important ingredient in making their commercial soap. One of the main ingredients, glycerine, is the main moisture-trapping component of real soap. The commercial manufacturers generally remove the glycerine for use in lotions and skin creams.
  3. It can also be another source of income: Yes!!! Making your own soap can be another source of income for you. Gone are those days when soap making are assumed to be business for the poor. Honestly, there are people who are making cool money producing their own soap.
  4. Special production: By this I mean you can specially produce soap for people who suffer from chronic skin conditions. It also helps you to tailor your soap to your own personal health needs.
  5. Fun and Pride: Just as the saying goes; there is joy in what you like doing. The moment you enjoy what you are doing you start enjoying it and building yourself esteem. This is not something you are likely to get when buying commercial soap.

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