How To Make Huge Money As An Exporter


This is something people will not tell you, and why am I telling you? I am telling you because it’s my job to empower you with the REAL skill to make REAL money. Secondly, I am telling you this because I want every Nigeria to be able to export at least for personal satisfaction if not for profit.

If you have ever bought anything on eBay; you will noticed that exporting is very easy for them over there. Somebody, can just wake up one morning and decide to sell his shoes and before you could say Jack Robins; the shoes are here in Nigeria. That is what they have made exportation to be, but here it’s different and we much change it if Nigeria must be great again. Exportation must be made easy and simple for everyone to do.

I think I must be sincere with you here; running an export company is capital intensive as there are lots of documentations to be done. you must have a registered company, take export licence and many more other things. Does that mean you cannot make money from exportation if don’t have millions? No, remember I told you that it is possible to be an exporter without any documentation. How? It is simple – be a sales agent! So, who is a sales agent?

Sales Agent or Sales Representative: This happens when a person, usually located in the SELLER’S country (Nigeria, in our case), is appointed to solicit/find/secure orders from potential customers in another (foreign) country. In this case, the sale is not made by sales agent, but by the SELLER directly to the foreign buyer, with payment of a commission to the sales agent.

Quickly, let us analyse the steps of a sales agent and how you can make huge money from it.

Activities/Steps of a Sales Agent

Step 1

The first step of any sales agent is to diced on the products to sell e.g Cocoa, Charcoal, Ginger, Garlic e.t.c

Step 2

The next step expected of a sales agent is to find a buyer for that product and collect their desire quantities (You already know how to do that). In most cases; you will be ask to submit your price list and quotation.

Step 3

The next step by a sales agent will be to contact a genuine exporter of the particular product of interest. I mean, if you want to sell bitter collar; there are established exporters who are doing that in Nigeria already. You will just pick them from this list. If you want to sell cocoa; there are established exporters in Nigeria doing that already. You will just search through this list and contact them. What ever might be your product of choice there are establish exporters already in Nigeria. Talk of Rubber, Textile, Charcoal, Honey, Ginger, Garlic, Cocoa and many other products.

Step 4

After you have gotten the desired exporter; collect their price list after good bargaining power. Now, tell them you will like to be their sales agent. Of course, remember to tell them that they will not be paying you as you will be making your money off your buyer as a commission. One more thing; don’t forget to ask them (your chosen exporter) for their chosen mode of payment!

Step 5

ADD your desired commission to the price list given to you be the export company you chose. For example, if you want to export Charcoal, and 1 ton of Charcoal is 25,000. Then you can add 3,000 – 7,000 depending on how well you call sell to your buyer. If you finally convince your buyer to buy at 32,000 per ton; then you have successfully made 7,000 on each ton he or she purchased. If he buy 10 tons; that will be a cool 7,000 x 10 = 70,000. I hope this is cleared?

Step 6

The next thing expected of you is to discuss on the mode of payment with your buyer. Tell him or her your desired mode of payment as per the information you got from your chosen export company.

Step 7

At this point; you will have to connect your exporter with your buyer directly as there will be exchange of some paper work. Some of which might involve the bank depending on your exporter’ or buyer’s mode of payment.

NOTE: Before, you link your customer/buyer with the real exporter make sure you tell your exporter everything that you have discuss so far with the buyer and the projected commission if the deal clicks. Do I need to tell you that there must be a written agreement between you and the exporter in respect to your commission? Common, be smart!!!

Step 8

This is the last step; seat back and monitor the transaction as it progresses.

I know some people will not like this exposed information. This is exactly what some people are doing in Apapa and they are making their million in Naira. So, if you are smart; why not join the click now? There is nothing to loose as Nigeria government encourages exportation now than ever.

As a matter of fact; there can be no better time for exportation than now.

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  1. That was pretty cool i have not been so advised for a log time. I am interest in the exportation of food stuffs like Onions, Garri, smoked lobsters, Ground melon and pepper, etc. I am yet to find a suitable co founder to enable register with C.A.C..


  2. This is great bro. Pls howncan I get a importeror foreign buyers for goods like sesame seed, charcoal, ginger,honey, soybeans etc. I will be glad if you can give me one or Two link.

    • @Olayiwola, thanks for finding Earn Base very informative and useful. Your success is my source of courage! Please, check this link
      You will find all you need there.
      Thanks once again


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