How To Make Dettol In Nigeria And Make Huge Money (UPDATE)

dettolThis is a recent update on how to produce Dettol. I am coming out straight this time because some people are not getting the previous measurements right. You can click here if you want to buy chemicals from EarnBase (We sell you Original Chemicals in the right Quantity). So, I decided to give out this measurement for 5 Liters of Dettol! it is the same process but different measurements.

I was talking with a friend lately who works with Unilever. He was lamenting how Unilever workers lavish money on luxury things. He began to ask me; how much do you think Unilever is making from each of their products; that makes their staff spend wastefully? What do you think will be the cost price of each of their products? How do they make the money to run the company, pay their directors and hire experts? If you want to confirm my claim; ask anyone who works for Unilever, P&G, and other production companies.

He said, one his BOSS said Unilever and every other production companies are rich because they are into the PRODUCTION business. I asked; what do you mean by production business? He said; don’t you know that the money they produce the lesser the cost production? He further explains that the cost of producing one Close-Up toothpaste might be N25 or less and it’s sold for 180 – 230 now in the market. Stop screaming!!!!

Don’t you think it will be a good idea if we can start making our own DETTOL? Maybe, someone is going a proud owner of a multimillionaire Production company.

Dettol is a multi-purpose disinfectant that is mostly use in our homes and industries for different purposes. Dettol can be used for bathing, washing, cleaning kitchen utensils, cleaning of wound and many more. The main function of Dettol is to kill harmful bacteria and also provides protection against germs that cause infection and illness.

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Chemicals Use In Dettol And Their Function

1.Texapon: Texapon is a detergent that forms micelles which allows non-polar substance like oils to be dissolved in water. It is a foaming agent!

2.Phenol: Phenol is an aromatic compound classified as an alcohol and it is colorless and has sweet smell. Phenol is used in low concentration as a disinfectant in household Dettol and also in mouthwash. It can also be in a brownish color, depending on what is available.

3.Chloroxylenol:  This is one of the Major chemicals in the production of DETTOL. It is the antibacterial in Dettol that kills germs and reduce inflammation.

CAUTION!!! You have to be careful when using this chemical as it can cause swollen face, skin peeling, skin irritation, and many other unwanted health hazards. Please, you are advised to seek medical attention if you are feeling any funny.

4.I.P.A(Isopropyl Alcohol): Here is another important chemical in Dettol production. I.P.A is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong smell, it contains antiseptic effects which gives Dettol the ability to kill bacteria and fungi especially when used for wound cleansing.

5.Pine oil: Pine oil is an antiseptic and disinfectant substance with a pleasant smell. Pine oil helps you to get a cloudy liquid when diluted in water (Cloudy liquid is what you get when you use a drop of Dettol in water).

6. Dettol Colorant: This is the color that gives you that brownish Dettol color. It should be added as desired!

7. Water: You will need water. Oh, the explanation of water? A substance without Enemy (Fela Anikulapo Kuti said so) lol Anyway, water is used as a solvent.

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Measurement Of Chemicals Needed For 5 Liters Of DETTOL

  • Texapon —————————1/8
  • Phenol —————————– 1/8
  • Chloroxylenol ——————— 1/4
  • I.P.A (Isopropanol) —————- 3 Liters
  • Pine oil —————————-1/4
  • Colorant —————————As desired.
  • Water ——————————1 liter

If you want top produce 10 Liters double the measurement. I hope you get the trick?

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Step By Step Guide In Producing DETTOL

Step 1: Pour the Texapol into an empty bowl

Step 2: Add the Pine oil and stir properly 

Step 3: Add Phenol and stir properly 

Step 4: Add Chloroxylenol and stir properly

Step 5: Pour the right amount of water and stir it very well

Step 6: Add IPA and stir very well

Step 7: Dissolve the color in water and mix it properly before adding to content.

Note: Color should be the last ingredient to be dded.

You can click here if you want to buy chemicals from EarnBase (We sell you Original Chemicals in the right Quantity)

Instructions On How To Use DETTOL

  • Dettol is for external use only Do not use – in the eyes – over large areas of the body.
  • Do not use an undiluted product
  • Clean the affected area
  • Dilute small quantity in water
  • Apply to affected area

CAUTION!!! Dettol can be a very harmful product, it could cause lethal toxicity and it is poisonous when intentionally inhale; always read the instructions before using it. Dettol is also toxic to many animals especially cats as a result of phenol content.

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    • You can top the water to make it exactly 5 liters. That measurement is for 5 liters because some like their productions to be of high concentration.

    • This tutorial here are made for you to learn; if you have followed this tutorial; this questions won’t arise. Maybe you need to start doing. Thanks

  1. wow! # Earnbase,you guy’s are amazing, plz I produced
    5litres of Dettol, but the place where I bought my chemical ,they refused to include the carbonic acid, they said dat is not advisable ad dat is degerious Pls is that true??.

  2. Thank you so much @earnbase for always helping. Pls,you described phenol as colourless liquid. But where l bought chemical they sold a brown colour solution for me as phenol.

  3. Thanks for the Info, I produced dettol with this procedure and i didn’t like the fragrance of the dettol, did I miss anything or am i to add fragrance to it. thank you

    • @Jacob, I think the error comes from your production approach, and your chemical measurement. If you don’t mind, can you provide more details, like how you produced it and the chemical measurement used?

  4. Can you please make me understand this measuring system 1/8. Is it 1/8 of a litter or of 5 liters. Thanks a lot good work please keep it up. Very educative.

  5. I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to earnbase. I no longer buy those items for home use. I feel special and productive. Thanks

    • This is so sweet! I am happy EarnBase blessed your life too. I hope you tell your friends about us. Thanks for being part of EarnBase.

  6. My names are Dr Mrs Nwachukwu I A,I want to start a dettol production, how do u help me,I just traveled to USA for a seminar and will be coming back march ending,can I reach u with this 08060023272,pls where do u live,u can reach me with these no 08035721026.u can also text me with my e mail address


  8. Thanks a lot.pls which of the chemical give the water whitish colour when you drop.I produce it very nice,but did not get the whitish the one sold in supper market.thanks

  9. Greetings.. Thanks much for sharing the procedure with us. But the measurements given are still a bit confusing for me. Can you please give the measurements of the chemicals used in more precise form like in mL or Liters? as I am not getting this 1/8 formula… please help.

  10. If possible I would ask to be putting the measurements of this things in drawing so that we that do not no much in the side of measurements wil understand, or you explain it the way you explain that of Egg shel scouring production because even a blind man will understand it. Thanks

  11. My name is Asaah Martha from Ghana thanks so much for your teachings and may God bless you.I will try to make my too.but if I may ask how much is the ingredients needed for dettol .

    • Thanks for checking EARNBASE; unfortunately, we don’t have anybody in Ghana that we can refer you to except you want us to send the chemicals to you.

  12. thanks very much for the post. i did my according to the measurement and it came out really well. infant, i will be producing for my family and friends because they like the product and it came out as a factory produced DETTOL.

    Thanks once again.

    • @IJIOMA, thanks for your comments ma. Please, you have to start producing for more people and start making money.
      Remember, you can always buy the chemicals from us in case you can’t get them where you.

    • A cup is used when meassuring thr chemicals. So, when you are buying your chemical you tell them you want half cup. The cup is always 1 liter

  13. thanks for the dettol steps for production.
    pls u did not add the ipa during production process. so when should it be added.

    • @Faithia, I am sorry, I missed out adding IPA. it was a regrettable omission on my part! Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for checking by too!

    • @Olaniyi, it should be available at any major market in Ondo. Just ask people when you are in the major market. Or ask anyone who is presently doing it how he/she gets chemical.
      It should not be difficult to get in Ondo sir.
      You can also buy your chemicals from EarnBase; we send accreoss Nigeria>
      Thank you for visiting EARNBASE

  14. You didn’t include the I P A in the process why? But listed it with the chemicals needed. Reply thanks.

  15. This is really good, thanks. But you didn’t include the I. P. A chemical in the process of making dettol and it is among the chemical needed for the production. Reply thanks.

    • @Anonymous, am sorry about that. However, can you please detail the process of your production here; with pictures if possible?
      Maybe, we can help.

  16. Please where do you think one can get those chemicals in Lagos state. And please do not forget the yoghurt;body cream and toothpaste I asked


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