How To Make Car Wash Liquid Soap And Make Money

car washCan you remember the numbers of cars you see on the street of Lagos alone? Can you count the number of car washes you see daily? Do you know people who own cars care so much about their car body paint? Do you know you can also make so cash producing quality and affordable cash wash liquid soap? Do you know it costs nothing less than 25,000 to re-paint a Toyota Camry?

I actually don’t know why people care so much about the paint on their car; maybe or maybe not, because people judge the quality of a car by its color.

The truth is that many people are the ones destroying their car’s body pain.  Many people are ignorant of the fact that it is not advisable to wash their cars with ordinary soap or detergent. It tends to weaken the paint on the car and subsequently leads to corrosion of the weakened parts.

The best solution for washing cars is a specially formulated car washing solution. This single formula can change your financial status forever as the product is no longer enough to meet the ever-increasing demand for it.

The good thing about this tutorial: “how to make car wash liquid soap” is that you can also make some awesome cash with it. This is tested and trusted! However, this is very simple to do; as any serious minded person can start with less than 3,000.

Mr. Oluwabiyi Samson, can you please start this tutorial? Time is going jor!!! lol


1. A big balf or big bucket (used for washing or fetching water) with measuring indicator.
2. A gerican filled with water depending on the quantity you intend to produce. in our case a 25 liters will be fine for us.
3. Long turning stick (omo orogun) – this is what you will use to stir the mixture.
4. Iron spone (Sibi onirin).
5. A big stainless cup.
6. Two medium size bowl (like the one you use in watching hands after meal).


  1. Antisol or parasol 1.5KG
  2. Liquid Soda ash 100G
  3. Sulphoric acid 1.5L
  4. SLS 250G
  5. Texapoon 250MLS
  6. Water 24 LITRES
  7. Formalin 30 MILI LITRES (MLS)
  8. Color AS DESIRED
  9. Fragrance AS DESIRED


Step 1: Soak the Antisol overnight and stir till uniformly blended.

Step 2: (The next day) after you have soaked the Antisol yester night. Now, dissolve the soda ash in little quantity of water.

Step 3: Add the soda ash solution to the Antisol and continue stirring vigorously.

Step 4: Add the sulphuric acid, SLS and Texapoon one after the other to the mixture and continue stirring

Step 5: Dissolve the color in small amount of water and add the colored water to the mixture

Continue stirring until it blends smoothly

Step 6: Do I need to tell you this? Ok, the last step is to package and start selling!

91 thoughts on “How To Make Car Wash Liquid Soap And Make Money”

    • You are welcome. Just look around the blog, you will find great and helpful tutorials that can help you in your production.

  1. Thanks for all the effort in making Nigerians self-employed.
    Please I need to attend a little coaching on this.
    I would like to come and learn more. Can you forward me your address

    • We have a new shop in Command area of Lagos. You can contact for training or consultations; else, you can just drop the questions here as comments.

  2. Thank you EarnBase for your simple guide on the production of liquid car wash.
    I would like to know if you do online practical training on this too, sir.

  3. Hello earnbase, have been following your teachings, wow. Its awesome.You just simplify everything. Thumbs up for you.
    Please, can I use this same Car wash measurement for liquid hand wash?

    • Yes and No. Depending on the purpose of the hand wash. You can checkout my post on how to make hand wash on this blog.

  4. Thank you sir for the lecture. Pls sir how do I make the peroxide bleach. I need bleach that can wash coloured and also sparkle white. I notice that when I use chlorine bleach, it stains the white or changes it colour instead sparking it. Thanks

    • I will make a post on that soonest. Just subscribe to our newsletter; so you know when I make the post. Thanks for visiting EarnBase

  5. Hello sir . am interested in car car wash production, but I don’t understand all this,

    Liquid Soda ash 100G
    Sulphoric acid 1.5L
    SLS 250G
    Texapoon 250MLS
    Water 24 LITRES
    Formalin 30 MILI LITRES (MLS)

    Pls can you convert to kg for me
    Thanks sir

    • It is ideally to add fragrance before or after adding color. This will allow a strong and durable scents from your liquid car wash soap.

    • How come you did not describe the method you used and mention the chemicals? You went elsewhere to copy a method and produce a watery soap. Now you come to my blog for a solution for a method I did not teach.

      However, I have told you what to do via Whatsapp!


    • There is no need to add formalin; as you are using this in a car. However, if you think your car wash liquid soap is going to stay for over 6 months; then, you need to add formalin.

  6. Thank your Sir for the knowledge.
    Earnbase will continue to flourish.

    Pls the SLS, are we to dissolve it before use.
    Asking because it was not mentioned there

  7. My name is GraciousGrace
    Wow! am blessed to be here. thank you earnbase for imparting knowledge and empowering people. the sky is your starting point. Amen

    • You can always pre-order the video please. Just make sure you join the offer before it ends, and look forward to read some special update from me. Thanks

  8. Thanks for this empowerment, God bless you.
    Please can you teach us how to make odour control liquid soap for washing floor tiles to make the tiles shine and the room odorless.

  9. Dear sir,

    Thanks for your detailed explanation on how to make a car wash.

    I just need a clarification, in the List of Chemicals need – Item No 3 is mentioned as Sulphoric Acid and in STEP 4. you have mentioned as Sulphuric Acid – Are you mentioning Sulphonic Acid by the way – Kindly clarify

    Best regards

  10. Ok sorry I did not read other comments before asking about car wax. I have gotten your answer in the previous comments……. My question is after producing liquid soap without caustic soda can I decided to turn it to be car wash after some days and repackage if I want.?

  11. Please what of preservatives and measurement of the colours because I found out that most times when you make use of green color,as time goes on the production turns to blue colour.

    • @Offord, the seller gave you blue and not green. It is not possible for a green color to turn blue sir. Change your chemical store

  12. Hello EarnBase

    Thanks so much for empowering people.

    Please can you put up the formula for car-wash soap with waxing properties ie by adding glycerin to the mix.

    Many thanks for this and keep up the goodwork

    • @Ibrahim, this is CAR WASH, you only need something to wash away the dust am make it shine; you don’t want it bleach. If you must use. make it minimal. Thanks for visiting earn base

  13. Hi! Thanks for the info on liquid car wash. I have tried it and. It is really cool. But I got complaints from my customers saying it doesn’t shines. A particular lady mentioned something like wax. She registered that the one she normally gets from shorprite makes her car paint to. Shine after washing but that she noticed mine doesn’t have that property. Please is there anything I can do to get that effect? I even noticed the lady with the name precious has registered that challenge too. Please help us out with this waxing issue. Thanks

    • @Lucy, the only thing you need to add to get that shinning effect is Glycerin. There is no need to add wax! If you add wax, your soap becomes watery when display inside the sun.

      However, I will appreciate if you can comment with your name next time.
      Thanks for trusting eanbase

  14. Please I would love to Know if these fórmula hás waxing properties too. If not can you please provide me with the formula.. Thanks

    • Please, can state the steps and chemicals measurement used. If you use what you have here you can’t have that problem please.

      Anyway, just add more foaming agents!
      Thanks for visiting earnbase


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