Comprehensive Guide On How To Make Medicated Soap

comprehensive guide on How To Make Medicated SoapIt is true that there are lots of soaps but this kind of soap is very useful to us all. No wonder there are different soaps for different purposes. If you have any problem; such as acne and other skin problems like black heads, clogged pores, pimples, body itching, bacterial or fungal infections etc then you should be thinking of trying Medicated soap.

Medicated soaps are used for bathing, and helps in killing germs and other microorganisms. They can also have other functions like skin toning and age defying agents. That is why it is important you know how to make yours!


  1. Palm kernel oil ——————————— 4 LITRES
  2. Caustic soda  ———————————  1kg
  3. Coconut oil ——————————— 2 LITRES
  4. Bleached palm oil ——————————— 1 LITRE
  5. Sodium silicate ——————————— 1LITRE
  6. Glycerine ——————————— ¼ LITRES
  7. Tricolans (TCC) ——————————— 1 TABLESPOON
  8. Borax ———————————— 2 TABLESPOON
  9. Magnesium sulphate ——————— 2TABLE SPOON
  10. Colour ——————————— TO TASTE
  11. Perfume ——————————— TO TASTE

Steps By Step Involved In Producing Medicated Soap 

Step 1: Prepare the caustic soda solution by dissolving 1kg of caustic soda in 4 litres of water. Allow the solution to blend for 3 days at least. Please ensure that you leave them to stand for this time or even more (the longer
the better), to avoid your soap being corrosive to the users’ skin and cloths.


Step 2: Dissolve magnesium sulphate and borax separately with small amount of water to form paste.

Step 3: Pour the soda ash into caustic soda solution and continue stirring. Then add the colourant to the caustic soda solution and stir very well.

Step 4: Pour the oils into the caustic solution mixture and continue stirring vigorously in clockwise direction only. The add the silicate and continue stirring

Step 5: This is the last step of the chemical combination. At this stage you will need to add glycerine, pink oil, tricolans, magnesium sulphate, borax and fragrance. Then you will continue stirring until all the chemicals have mixed very well.

Step 6: Pour mixture into the soap moulds and allow to solidify.


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  1. Thanks a lot Sir, you made mentioned of adding pink oil in the stages to make the soap. But you dint make mention of it on the list and its quantity.

  2. Pls, how much quantity of soda ash to be added? Also u made mention of adding pine oil but not included in the ingredients’ list, pls what is d quantity to be added?Thanks and God bless for the tutorial.


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