How To Know The Price Of Commodities On International Market

commodity price on international marketIf you are yet to join the money system on Exportation as a Nigeria you are missing out of a great deal. You will agree with me that the way to go now as a Nigerian is to look out on the exportation side rather than being an importer that we are always known for. This will not be possible if you do know know:

  1. What to export
  2. Where to export
  3. How to export and at what price

Exportation is now growing in Nigeria, and I can tell you Nigerians are yet to tap into this huge money making system. The reason I do not know! Maybe it was for lack of the right information or motivation or even capital. Nevertheless, we have been able to discuss all these to detail in our previous posts on exportation and today, I am going to be teaching you today how you can determine or know the price of the Nigeria foods or commodities on international market. There are so many advantages to knowing the price of a commodity on an international market.

Advantages of Knowing The Price of Nigeria Commodities or foods On International Market

  1. It helps you to bargain right
  2. It helps you to make maximum profit on your exportation
  3. It also serves as a guide to guide you from being cheated by the local sellers.

I am of the opinion that you have read all our previous posts on exportation; if you miss them you can start from here. Though, there are so many ways by which you can find out about the price of a commodities on the international market. But let me list a few:

export business

Method One

Go to this website will tell you the prices of similar commodities from around the word by which you can draw your own price. There are no fix price for any commodity as you will always see their prices in range (Between $0.00 – $0.000). This site is so robust and sometimes it’s enough for you to make your price decisions.

Method Two

This method is just another way to confirm the price info you got above or even a better guide. Remember, there is nothing new under the sun’ before we start to export some people have been exporting for more than a decade. There are the people will shall be drawing our price from. The approach here is a personal approach and as being yielding great results.

Here is how it goes. You will approach a Nigeria base exporter of the particular product you are willing to export and ask then for their prices that you have a client that needs the pricing excluding the shipping. Tell him to give you the prices in tons as this will suggest a big offer. After you have the prices in tons; then you will have to to start converting the price from tons to kilogram and from kilogram to gram. This will equipped you will the right info combine with the above website.

However, you don’t have to always combine the methods. As for me method one if you take your time to look around is always enough.

I hope this helps? You can leave your comments or questions bellow and I will attend to them immediately.

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  1. Please how do I find out d international prices of agric products like snail,garlic,ginger,shrimp, chili pepper, sesame seed,palm kernel,honey etc


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