How to kick start a successful business brand

Business branding successSome people thinks business branding starts with logo, color and business name; but the truth is that branding already started before the creation or existent of the business itself. In fact, branding started with the business ideas!!!

In today piece, I shall be talking about three simple, trusted and tested steps to kick start a successful business brand. These are the same steps used by over 6,000 big business brand: Apple, Dell, Hp, Samsung, Amazon, Ebay, Google, Youtube, BMW, Toyota and many more.

These steps are very important because it has a direct impact the success or failure of a business brand. The good thing is that it is tested and trusted by over 6,000 big business brand. This technique is call PUC must be done properly if you want to have a successful business brand.

PUC stands for PURPOSE, UNIQUENESS and CLEARITY. Quickly, let me start by giving a detail account.

  1. Purpose: few days ago, I was reading about some successful young entrepreneur in Kenya; the likes of Kariuki Gathitu, Wodango, Richard Turere and Lorna Lutto; I saw the well implementation of purpose in business brand.

However, I am yet to see a successful business brand with out a purpose. Example of successful business brand with purposes are:

  • Youtube –  Video sharing
  • Whatsapp – Mobile communication
  • Ebay – Online auction
  • Amazon – Online book store
  • Google – Search engine

and many more…

Purpose is simply your reason for going into business and the only thing that keeps you in business.

For Wadongo, his purpose was replace the smoky kerosene lamps and firelight in rural Kenya.

For Kariuki Gathitu, his purpose was to provide a mobile money management system.

For Lorna Lutto, her pupose was to produce a more environmentally friendly alternative to timber.

For Richard Turere, his purpose was to prevent night attacks by lions on his family’s cattle herd.

What is your purpose for going into business? As this is the only thing that guarantee your stay in business.

2. Uniqueness: In the branding world nothing can take the place of uniqueness. Finding your area of uniqueness business branding is very important. That is why the big brands believed “No Uniqueness; No Brand” period – it’s that simple!

At this stage, it is important you narrow down your business to see is uniqueness. What is that singular thing your business is standing for? Give me one word that sums up your business? or Can you summaries your whole business in one or two words? Remember UNIQUENESS is BRANDING!!!

3. Clarity: The last of the steps in PUC technique is CLARITY. For you to have a successful brand; your business must have a PURPOSE and your business purpose must be UNIQUE while the uniqueness my be CLEARED! Successful brands believed if the uniqueness is not clear the brand’s success is not achievable.

Does that mean existing business cannot apply PUC? No! They can, but they must be willing to alter the existing business system if need be.

I hope you find this piece helpful.

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