How To Identify FAKE New Naira Notes In 5 Simple Steps

It is no longer news that some unscrupulous individuals are out there spending fake new naira notes and robbing people of their hard-earned money. Unfortunately, this does not exclude the POS operators.

Just recently, I watched a video where someone gave lots of fake naira notes to a POS guy and duped him of genuine naira notes. That is why it’s important we understand how to spot the fake new naira notes from the genuine new naira notes.

In this post, I will be sharing with you five ways to identify fake new naira notes. There are obvious differences to look for when distinguishing the genuine Naira from the counterfeit new Naira notes.

The Naira notes are protected by various security features to enable the easy recognition of genuine notes.

1. Put The New Naira Notes In Water

This is by far my favorite way to confirm the originality of the new naira notes. If you dip the fake new naira note into water, it will get soft, rough, and look more like paper mache, but the genuine naira note doesn’t.

In addition to the above, the colors of the counterfeit naira note will wash off like an artwork painted with watercolor.

Note: So, if anybody brings you the new naira note, tell him or her to dip it in water before you collect it. But if you can insert the new naira note in water, then you can check for the next security feature.

2. Observe The Gold Foil On The New Naira Notes

The N1000 note has gold foil on the right side, just near the CBN governor’s signature. If you scratch the gold foil of a fake note, it will peel off instantly, but the gold foil on the original note does not peel.

Note: Take time to check this, and never be in a hurry. If the customer is in a hurry, just tell him to leave your market and go to another place. At least, you aren’t losing anything.

3. Put The New Naira Notes Close To The Mercury Bulb

Some security features in the Naira notes cannot be seen with the naked eye. as they are only visible with the help of mercury bulbs.

For instance, if the genuine N1000 note is placed under the rays of a mercury bulb, it will show a shining 1000 (in numbers) written across the note. The same is applicable to smaller denominations.

4. Examine The Ribbon or Thread On The New Naira Notes

There is a thread that appears like a ribbon on all Naira notes, running from the top to the bottom.

In genuine naira notes, this thread can be felt with a touch. But in the fake naira notes, there is something that looks like the thread but is not.

In the counterfeit notes, what’s there is just a straight-line painting that looks like the thread in the original notes. If you scratch the painting, it will peel off like the protector panel on recharge cards.

5. Check The Texture Of The New Naira Notes

This is by far the weakest way to identify the fake naira notes. As you can easily be deceived by touch, However, if you don’t want to try the above for whatever reason, at least you should be able to feel the texture of the Naira note.

If it’s soft and the image in it appears dull, you have the right to be concerned, reject it, and demand another one.

This means that you should be sensitive to the touch of the money you are given when involved in any transaction.

Conclusion: I hope that by following these five simple tips, you will be able to stay safe in this age of counterfeit naira notes.

As a rule of thumb, never be in a rush when dealing with these new naira notes.

I wish you safety in your business.

You can drop your thoughts, opinions, or reviews in the comment section below.

Pictorial Representation of The Security Features on The New Naira Notes

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