How To Get Over 100 Followers On LindaIkejiSocial In A Day

features-of-lindaikejisocialI know some people are finding it difficult to get followers on LindaIkejiSocial. Hope this post is not coming too late. I have been on lindaikejisocial since 1st of November 2016 and it’s being an awesome platform. Honestly, it’s a praise worthy innovation by Linda Ikeji; a social media with Nigeria values and ethics.

In recent times, I have received several mails and requests on how to get more followers on LindaIkejiSocial (LIS) but was reluctant in my response because I was new to the platform then. However, with over 370 followers in 4 days; I think I can teach someone on how to quickly rake in some followers in no time. As a matter of fact; this was the same approach I used to rake in over 100 followers the very first day I joined.

Although, there are several methods/ways by which you can achieve this same objective (100 followers). Many of which are not yet implemented by LindaIkejiSocial itself. However, I shall be discussing the few available methods for now that you can use to rake over 100 followers just in a single day.

There are basically two ways by which you can get followers on LindaIkejiSocial (LIS); which are:

  1. Referring friends
  2. Commenting on News Feeds on LindaIkejiSocial itself

Referring Friends

This method is simply straight forward; it is the process by which you refer your friends to LindaikejiSocail via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Remember that the invite friends through social links are not working at the time of writing this post. This would have been very easy if it were functioning, but I hope it will be fix in no time. In my case, I posted my link on my WhatApp group and also on my Facebook page.

Commenting on Fresh News on LindaIkejiSocial

This is the surest way by which folks use in driving in followers. All you have to do is to hang around on your LIS and make sure you are among the first 5 to comment on a fresh news posted on LIS before every other person. I think these pictures will be useful …

Once you are registered on the click on the logo to take you to the home page. It looks like this.


Step 1: Click on the first news to expand it in other to be able to leave a comment


Step 2: Stroll down to the comment area and quickly leave your comment before anybody else or better still among the first 10 people. The comment should be very simple e.g “Nice one; kindly follow back” or “kindly follow back” or “kfb” e.t.c it’s as simple as that!



Step 3: If peradventure you happen to saw the news a bit late and over 10 people already commented. just click on the first 10 people and follow them then leave a comment on their page that he or she should follow back. e.g “I just followed you; please follow back”

The GREEN button shows FOLLOW; the moment you clicked on it to FOLLOW that person. It changes to RED immediately showing that you are now following that particular individual.


This RED button shows you are now FOLLOW him or her!


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  1. Sorry, the LinderIkejiSocial 20,000 PROMO is over sir! The money was credited into our wallets. Unfortunately, I was not qualified.


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