How To Find (Buyers) Importers And Exporters Contacts On Alibaba For FREE

Finding-importer-on-alibabaI welcome you all to this piece; this is one of the piece that people are really craving for. I bet you will enjoy it! I sold some contacts of over 375 foreign buyers here on EarnBase with how to calculate your shipping cost with NIPOST. That lists contain some videos and some useful links.

Today, I will be teaching you how to get foreign buyers for FREE on Alibaba. For those who bought the Foreign Buyers Contact you will see some useful links sent along with your package; I shall be picking them one after the other. Some of which will be an insider post! So, back to today’s topic – getting buyers (importers and exporters) contacts on Alibaba for FREE!!!

Alibaba is one of the foremost online B2B (business to Business) website; where manufacturers meet with wholesalers. It is a business hub where real business takes place online. It is own by a chines man Jack Ma; you can read about Jack Ma here.

I don’t think I need to tell you again about the SCAMS happening on Alibaba; that is why you must be very careful before you part with your money or products. Make sure you do the right things and don’t look for offer that are hard to be true. If it is hard to be true; it is probably a SCAM.

Alibaba had huge database of importers and exporters around the world, and we are trying to search there huge database following this simple approach.

Step One

Go to

Alibaba home page

Step Two

Locate the Search Box

Step Three

Type in the following:

Importer + USA + Cocoa

alibaba search box

Depending on the information you are looking for. Like the above example: I am looking for Importer (Buyers) who live in USA (Country) and are willing to buy Cocoa (Products).

So, if you are looking for exporter from china on Alibaba; you know the formula.

Exporters + China + Power bank

The above expression means; I am looking for an exporter (Seller) who lives in China (Country) and who is willing Power bank (Products).

I hope you get that? Please, leave your questions below and I will glad to answer them in No time.

23 thoughts on “How To Find (Buyers) Importers And Exporters Contacts On Alibaba For FREE”

  1. Nice job @, I am new in this, I have been waiting for capital to actually start exportation until I read your posts. I want to start immediately, kindly send me your email address

  2. When I entered importer+USA+Cashew it came up with suppliers instead of buyers. Did I do something wrong? Thank you for all this wealth of information.

    • Iyke, both Importer and Exporter are represented as SUPPLIERS on Alibaba. That is why you need to contact them via email or better still chat with them if they are online. However, I prefer to chat with them first to see if they have interest in what I offer. Usually, if the importer (supplier) is interested in your products; he will tell you to send your price list and quotation to via mail. Of course, he will drop his mail. I hope this helps? There are other ways by which you can get foreign buyers for FREE too. Click here

      • Thank you Sir, I will do just that.
        I am based in the U.S and I am looking to starting an exporting company exporting agric products from Nigeria. I was actually home last month to start exporting raw cashew nuts. However, the price for RCN has increased exponentially (9million) compared to last year; so I couldn’t get it done.

        From your experience are there certain agric products that are great for exporting under 6m?

        Thanks again,

        • Mr lyke, you are welcome sir. I hope you mean Raw Cashew Nuts by (RCN).
          I actually don’t understand your questions sir. Are you saying you want to are trying to own an exportation company in Nigeria? Because, you can export Raw Cashew Nuts without registering your own export company in Nigeria.

          Secondly, can you please dilvvulge how you got that price of 9 million. What that amount based on personal findings or someone acclaimed expert on exportation gave you the price? I am asking because there might be things you are not doing right; if you made the findings yourself. And if it was the so called expert that told you that; and you believed them. Then you may have to direct your questions to them.

          As for your question; “if there are certain Agric products that are great for exporting?” You can try Ginger, Gerlic, Bitter Kola and many other awesome products. They are all doing great on the international market; depending on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

          Please, let me know if I have been able to answer your questions. If not, kindly reply to this comment sir.
          Thanks once g=again for checking Earn Base.

          • Forgive me, RCN stand for Raw Cashew Nut and yes I got the cost from several experts. The 9 million estimate is for 30 metric tonnes (a container load) of RCN which happens to be the lowest quantity one can trade with. Right now one tonne for RCN is going for 290-300K; depending on the quality.

            Are you saying I can export my products without being registered? Please explain. I’ve always thought you have to be a registered business before exporting anything outside Nigeria.

            Can I still contact these buyers even though I don’t have the products yet? I am very new to this so I want to get it right. Please let me know as I await your reply


  3. bro good job Sir. God bless. Sincerely speaking I could not find the search box on alibaba. The site didn’t even open well. Way forward pls. tanks plenty

    • Mr Francis, this is very funny, but if this happens try to use another browser. Please, let me know if this helps, ok?

  4. That’s a great tip there . I just tried it and worked perfectly well. Keep up the good work.

    Lemme know if you have any ebook, I’d review it and give it the appropriate exposure on my ebookscafeng.


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