How To Download Premium Themes And Plugins For FREE

You see, when I started web designing in the years, 2008; there were lots of things that I didn’t know, not because I don’t want to know, but because there was nobody to teach me. Then, every acclaimed bosses, keeps secret, and don’t who don’t keep, sell at a very high price. As a matter of fact, I remembered, paying as much as 45,000 for someone to get me some themes and plugins, but I am going to teach you how you can get all that for FREE. The truth be told; you can’t grow more than you know. There were lots of things that happened then, that I am going to share with you in today’s piece.

During that time; I also had issues with me hosting companies. Yes, you read right, hosting companies! I used almost all the hosting companies you can think of then, that if I have start to mention names, you will be shock.  After which, I decided I don’t want to have anything to do with hosting companies again. It may interest you to know that some of these hosting companies are foreign host. Eg, this is one of the terrible hosting or domain name registrar you can ever use. This company will steal your domain name and frustrate your hosting experience. However, that is not where I am going, but I how to download premium themes and plugins for FREE.

How to download premium themes and plugins for FREE

There are so many ways to this, but most of them contains virus. You see, the method I am going to share with you today, will allow you to get some wordpress themes and plugins for FREE; as this is a method used by most top web designers in the world. However, there is more…

Step 1: visit

Step 2: Click on the section you want through the menus. E.g WORDPRESS, CMS TEMPLATES, ECOMMERCE, HTML & OTHERS

Step 3: Click on the theme, plugin, html or script that you want.

Step 4: Scroll down on the just loaded page and locate the***

Step 5: Highlight the*** to open a new link. If you use another link on the page, you might be able to download the file. So, make sure you look for the***

Step 6: Then click on the download link on the Zippyshare; sometimes, you may have to click on this many times, to get the file downloaded.

Let me quickly tell you one bitter truth; there are somethings you can’t get for free. Such is the websites I am given out today. Mind you, this is my first new year offer; so, don’t miss it.

Now, here is the more! If you are a blogger, a web designer or developer, for just 1,500 I am going to give you 5 websites where you will get premium tools for your business and more for FEE. You see, this is not the usual jargons you get via google. Here are what you will get…

  1. Website 1: where you get LATEST PREMIUM THEMES and PLUGINS for FREE (Legally).
  2. Website 2: Where you will be able to download SOFTWARES, MOVIES, and TUTORIALS (Lynda and Udemy) for FREE.
  3. Website 3: Where you get TOP latest softwares.
  4. Website 4: Website to download tutorials (Lynda and Udemy) FREE
  5. Website 5: Were to download themes, plugins and scripts for FREE

You can pay online using the SECURE Paystack button above or do an online transfer to the following account details:
First Bank
Account Name: Africhant Solutions
Account Number: 2032848148

Please, send me an email after payment.

Note: This is just for the first 50 people. Cheers

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