How to BUILD a Successful E-commerce Business – Lesson Four

success of ecommeceHello, I am sorry, but I have to tell you the simple TRUTH about making money in E-commerce. If your main reason for doing this business is to make money; I am sorry to tell you that your love for money will once fail you. Just like every other business. If the business must succeed; you must take time to learn the nutty gritty of the business and nothing more.

As I have promised not to leave any stone on turn; I am going to tell you some of the basic things that help you BUILD a successful E-commerce business. In the field of E-commerce business one thing is very important which is REVIEW or FEEDBACK.

Your success in E-commerce depends strongly to a large extend on the feedback of your customers. Please note that this is not important to people who just want to try things out to see if E-commerce is good or not for them, but if you want to make a successful business round E-commerce then you must take REVIEW or FEEDBACK very important.

Aside from the above mentioned reasons, there are other reasons listed below.

  1. Sell what you promised – Quality wise:

You need to know that whoever deals with you do-so on trust and nothing more. If is very important here that you build your customers trust and not BREAK their trust in your business. Besides, it is good to also know that these customers also work very hard to earn their money. Let your product be as described and nothing less. Be as detail as possible in your product description.

  1. Deliver the product on time:

If the product you are selling involves shipping; you must make sure you send out the product on time as soon as payment is confirmed – no delay! This help to build customer’s confidence in you.

     2. Build relationship:

This is probably another important key to your E-commerce success. You need to show your customers that you are also interested in their experience with your business. Make sure you mail them all the necessary products needed before they request for it. Ask them from time to time if they have gotten their product if the product involves shipping. Make sure you also give them after sales service. Show interest in their enjoyment and they will always come back.

3. What you see is what you Get:

Make sure you use the right picture and with the right price. I have seen cases where a seller will use a picture and sell another thing. This approach is criminal! Let your buyers get what they see – that’s all!

4. In other to Sell Right you must Buy Right: Make sure you are buying the product from the right source. If must sell right; you must but right if the product is not yours. The information you have here is all you need to buy right .

5. Have a good Bargaining Sense: Smiles!!! If you are from a country like mine (Nigeria); you probably will have no problem with good bargaining sense. In my country we bargain on virtually everything. Without this skill, you will be ripped off easily!

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