How To Apply Essential Oils Correctly

Although essential oils are a mild, natural way to help fight off mental fatigue, stress, sore muscles, and other physical conditions, they are also very potent and need to be applied properly.  After you have purchased the perfect essential oils for your condition, it is important to know how to apply them.  If used without proper direction, they can have a negative effect which can frustrate you.  They may even cause harm if not applied properly.

First, using undiluted essential oils directly on your skin can harm rather than help your condition.  Used directly on the skin, essential oils can sometimes leave a rash or a burn.  The essential oils are powerful solutions to many issues, but used improperly they can cause painful sores when directly applied to the skin.  Diluting the essential oils in cream, or non-greasy oil will keep it from strongly affecting your skin.

Like many creams or lotions, spreading essential oils directly on the skin can cause an overdose.  Essential oils are absorbed by your skin quickly.  If the oil that you are applying isn’t diluted, it can lead to an overdose that will cause a rash, irritation, or skin breakout.  It is also important not to have overexposure to sun especially if you’ve accidentally applied too much.  Essential oils and sun exposure can lead to adverse effects.

Even though essential oils are naturally occurring extracts from plants and trees, they are also powerful therapeutic agents.  It is important to keep them out of the reach of children.  Spreading essential oils undiluted onto a child’s skin can be dangerous and leave a very painful breakout rash.  If ingested, it can be lethal to a child and the caretaker should contact emergency medical personnel immediately.

When applying essential oils be sure to keep it away from your eyes, nose, or ears.  The oils should never be ingested or allowed to enter the internal body.  Keeping the essential oils away from openings on your body can ensure your overall health and remove the possibility of an overdose.  You may even want to use latex gloves so that they are not improperly absorbed on your fingers.

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Never ingest essential oils.  They can be harmful or even lethal if swallowed.

Never go into a tanning booth or tan in the sun after using essential oils.  Some oils are incredibly sensitive to sun exposure.  Citrus oils especially fall into this category.  Popular citrus oils to avoid the sun after using are bergamot oil and grapefruit oil.

Before fully using essential oils, make sure to test them on a very small part of your skin.  This includes essential oils that you may use in aromatherapy.  Apply a small dab to your arm and observe any reaction for twenty four hours.  For essential oils that you will apply as a cream, dilute the oil into vegetable oil and apply to the skin.  Observe for any reaction for twenty four hours to make sure they are safe for topical use.

Finally, overuse of essential oils can cause dizziness, headaches, or other side effects.  If you believe you have accidentally overdosed on any essential oil, make sure to contact emergency response personnel immediately.  Although essential oils are mostly therapeutic, using essential oils safely is important for your safety and good health.

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