How To Know The Right Chemical Measurement For Liquid Soap Making

measurementI am writing this because some sent me a mail in respect to this. He ask to know the right chemical measurement for liquid soap making and their equivalent prices. He said, this is important to him because its going to serve as a guide.

However, this is just a quide as it is subjected to changes. Moreso, this chemical are listed in Naira.

There are basically seven chemicals you need to make a soap but I will be listing eight here becasue that is the chemicals used with this method. In my next article I shall be writing about how to make a liquid soap with lesser chemicals with minimum time. Thus chemical measurement is for 25 liters of liquid soap. You can double this measurement if you want to produce larger quantity. 

Let get started:

  1. Nitrozon

Measurement: 14 Liter (You can use all)

Price: N550 at the moment

2. Custic Soda

Measurement: 14 Liter (Just use too 2 Spoon)

Price: N150 at the moment

3. Soda ash

Measurement: 112 Liter (You can use all)

Price: N180 at the moment


Measurement: 14 Liter  (You can use all)

Price: N50 at the moment

5. Texapon

Measurement: 12 Liter  (You can use all)

Price: N300 at the moment

6. Surphonic Acid

Measurement: 2 Liters  (You can use all)

Price: N1,000 at the moment (500 per Liter)

7. Formalin 

Measurement: 12 Liter

Price: N200 at the moment

8. Rice

Measurement: 14 Liter (Just use 2 cap of eve water)

Price: N300 at the moment

11 thoughts on “How To Know The Right Chemical Measurement For Liquid Soap Making”

    • It’s actually “Laurel Rice” but people often call it “Rice” for short. Please note, this is not the same as the rice we eat at home; as it is a chemical used in making detergent, and as such not edible.

  1. Just visit the chemical sellers. Tell them the litres you want to do, starting from 20 litres and they know the measurement to give you.

    • That is not bad, but there is a danger in doing that; as they will only sell you the chemicals based on their own method. So, this may not work if you have a different method. The best is to know what you want and make your order based on your need.

  2. Sir, thank you for the information but some of these chemicals are not in liquid. In such case, how do you compound it to liquid

    Thank you.


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