How Inbound Marketing Contributes To Your Business Success

inbound-marketing-benefitesMost times when we think of marketing, we always thought of self-serving television and radio ads, annoying direct mails, and cold calling that always seem to interrupt our personal time.  The whole effort of these techniques started from your company to your potential customers in an increasingly tough attempt to capture the attention of them and transform them into final clients. These traditional methods are known as outbound marketing, the practice of casting your marketing ads to uninterested consumers, with the hope that at least a few will be receptive to your products and services.

However, Inbound marketing focuses on addressing your audience’s needs and then helping them through their buyer’s journey.

Why Does Inbound Marketing Works?

Inbound uses the channels that people want to use to consume information. Rather than interrupt your audience’s lives with messages that suit your marketing goals. In other words, Inbound marketing goes with the flow, instead of going against the grain.

The message is as important as the method. Inbound marketing is about bringing not just people, but the right people to your business with content they find relevant, interesting, and valuable. You offer your audience tools and information that help them, and in turn, they offer their interest and loyalty to your business. It’s completely symbiotic, and that’s why inbound marketing works.

Methodology of Inbound Marking System


STRANGERS: Strangers are people who come to your website for the first time. These people already have enough interest in your content, and they’ll always return for more. At this point we consider them visitors.

VISITORS: Visitors are clearly interested in what you have to say, and so they’re primed to become leads.

LEADS: Once your visitors have become leads, it’s time to nurture those leads with valuable content like blog posts, email newsletters, special promotions, product demos, and case studies, depending on how ready they are to make a purchase.

CUSTOMERS: Once you’ve closed the sale, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is over. You need to continue to delight your existing customers.

ADVOCATE: At this point your customers will share your content with their friends and contacts and become advocates for your brand.

We have already analyzed the change in orientation in flowing marketing techniques in the Inbound Marketing. But what are its features?

Inbound Marketing Techniques Meet Certain Key Features:

  • They are made by Internet.
  • They are FREE to execute them
  • They usually require a lot of time and dedication.
  • Derived traffic from a high conversion . What does this mean? Visitors who come to our shop through these techniques, are more prone to buy that regulate a visitor.

The Inbound Marketing covers the following areas:

  1. Content Marketing: By creating items aimed at solving certain problems, questions or needs of your ideal clients.
  2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Perform search engine positioning of these items as well as the various sections of your Online Store.
  3. Email Marketing: Through Subscription to receive news about your blog or ecommerce, you can develop a large database of customers and potential customers, sending them to them all their material Inbound Marketing (solutions to a specific need or problem) directly to its email boxes, to awaken so, interest in their products or services.
  4. Social media: Interact with your customers and potential customers through various social networks. Currently the most popular are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. The strategy of your company within the same will be a source of help or those people who turn to when questions, problems or needs are. You must be there and solve those concerns free. Everything returns, the Inbound Marketing eventually always rewards.
  5. Boca Boca: Freely help others and they will help you. Let the word of mouth spread rapidly and spreads.
  6. Webinars: Webinars are a great source of future customers. A Webinar is an online course, plain and simple. The difference is that course participants are not physically present, but attendance is online.
  7. Infographics: The computer graphics are nothing but graphics on a certain topic or problem or need. They are simple, does not lack reading and information is clear and simple in the eyes of most neophyte.
  8. Research: Conduct research in areas of industry, immerse yourself in your niche and become a leader within it. Stop reading other investigations and start making your own.
  9. Public relations: Public relations are just the Facebook brought to real life. Socialize with friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Share information and try to help as many as you can. The Inbound Marketing will reward either with specific customers or referrals.
  10. Questions And Answers Sites: Many websites of questions and answers, where your potential customers are leaving their questions or problems about your products or services now. You should just go there and answer them. This will give new visitors and contacts. e.g Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Answers
  11. Forums: While they have had their heyday a few years ago, today have been replaced by the Communities Google+ or Facebook Groups. Enter key in your field and start interacting with your colleagues and your prospects. Comment, participate, answer and ask as well.

What Are The Benefits of Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound Marketing has great benefits for your Online Store, website or blog, both in attracting new customers and in reducing the cost to get them . Inbound Marketing will definitely boost your earnings and give you more exposure.

  1. It does not require large budgets: Although, Inbound Marketing requires time and dedication, but does not require large amounts of money to be made. It simply requires ideas and some time to implement.
  2. More Efficient: The traditional marketing (Outbound marketing) loses day by day, more effectively due to the constant advertising invasion in the life of your prospects.
  3. It lasts Forever: When you create useful content (really useful) and focused on your ideal clients, then you will be creating a well that you can drink for the rest of your life. Why is this so? Because such a solution in the form of content (video, presentation, an article on his blog) will forever be circulating and “working” on the Internet, over the months and years. However, if you make an advertisement on a radio or television for example: How long does the advertisement runs? How long does it work?

If we consider that the Inbound Marketing requires little capital investment, it is more efficient and creates what one always remains on sending potential customers interested in our solutions … You can drop your view bellow.

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