How I Lost Over ₦50,000 For Poor chemical preservation

Good Chlorine Image

Chlorine Image When Turned Bad

Just like you saw in the images above; chemicals can get bad when not well preserve. So, if you are into household production and you intend to make a lot of money from it; then you need to gather here make we do family meeting sharperly.

You see, one of the ways to make money in household production is to buy chemicals in bulk; because in Nigeria, nothing holds a stable price. What you buy today will have a different price next week; some even the next day.

So, one of the surest ways to save money on the cost of production is to buy chemicals in bulk, because you are sure of price increment in a week.

Some of the chemicals I bought last year; already doubled in price this early this year.

Unfortunately, this also comes with its shortcoming; this I learned the hard way. Late last year; I open another chemical shop and stocked it with some chemicals. Unfortunately, I forgot to preserve some chemicals correctly, and as a result of that; I lost over ₦50,000 on one chemical.

And today, I will be sharing that experience with you; so, you don’t make the same mistake.

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This is a personal experience, and I want you to read carefully to the end; so, you don’t miss out on salient points.

To make this easier for you; I will be dividing the chemicals into 3 parts.

  1. Solvents
  2. Powder
  3. Solid

Solvent Chemicals

These are chemicals in liquid form; some are thick while some are light. e.g Sulphonic Acid, Glycerin, Formalin.

The best way to preserve solvents chemicals or better still chemicals in liquid or fluid form is to store them in plastic. I mean, a plastic bottle or keg.

However, don’t forget that most chemical’s sellers will sell it into nylon for you, and that is because they believe you want to use it immediately; so, if you aren’t using the chemical immediately, make sure you pour it into a plastic container that has a tight cover.

Powdered Chemicals

These are chemicals in powdered form; some are smooth, while others are rough. e.g Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Nitroso e.t.c

Just like the solvent chemicals; the best way to preserve these Powdered Chemicals is to keep them in a tight plastic container.

Solid Chemicals

These are chemicals in solid-state e.g Chlorine

This is a very corrosive chemical, and as such should be treated carefully. This chemical does not need air at all. A single presence of air turns it into water!

The best way to preserve any corrosive chemical is to keep it in a THICK-tight plastic container.

Chemicals Preservatives General Precautions

I still felt the need in my heart to give you a summary of all that I said in a bullet point; so, you don’t miss out on important points.

  1. Keep all chemicals in a tight plastic container.
  2. Keep all chemicals containers in a place where there is a free flow of air; this is because some chemicals can explode on high temptation.
  3. Never keep chemicals in nylon; because they will melt the nylon.
  4. Never Keep chemicals in metals; because they will react with the metal.
  5. Never allow air into any chemical

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