How I Got Core i5 Laptop For 37,000

core i5It is actually true that we are what we think we are. What ever you are today; it’s as a result of what you have chosen to believe. Another thing that determines our altitude is our attitude. Some people are too proud to learn!!! Pride as taken over some people’s vision that it became blunt and relevant among inventors.

Just like every teacher; you are always happy when you see your students putting into practice what you have taught them. You will remember that I posted on this blog how you are can get a good fairly used laptop for a very cheap price. The process I described was not even for those who are buying in bulk but for individual who want to buy one piece at at time. Someone read the topic and decided to take action.

Gring, gring … gring; that was my phone ringing. Swiftly, I picked it up and found; it was an Earnbaser. He wanted to confirm if I could help me following my write up; to get him a very nice Laptop. At first he wanted me to go and get the Laptop for him but I objected. I said I won’t have given it that written the topic if I will still go and get the Laptop for him. I told him that my main reason for writing that piece was because I want everyone to be able to get real value for their money. He agreed with me but suggested if I could just go with him while he do the purchase; I agreed to that and we left for Ikega the second day.

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I was glad watching him putting into practice all that he read on I saw the way he was intelligently picking his systems and inspecting it with what I wrote here. After 3 hours of intensive search; we finally found what we were looking for – A Neat, Firm Original Fujitsu Laptop with long battery life. Oh, did I say long battery life? If you have used any Fujitsu Semen Laptop; you will know one thing that they will always possess is long battery life –  they usually have long battery life.

The bargain started and we ended up buying the laptop for just 37,000 – that was indeed very cheapest!!!

Here are the basic configuration of the system:

Intel Core i5

Ram 4 Gig

Hard Disk 160 Gig


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  1. hello, i really a[[reciate wat u are doin 4 us here. u have opened alot of peoples eyes thru dis ur platform including me. but concerning dis particular post u did not mention where u bought d laptop for dat price. pls xplain more so we can know how to go about it, tanx


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