How Can A Three-layer Content Marketing Strategy Boost Your Clickbank Sales?

A three-layer content marketing strategy involves three distinct pieces of content. They all link to each other, but you have to set them up properly and you have to write theright piece of content in the right sequence. If you set this up the right way,you can turn content into some sort of traffic conversion tool.

In other words, you can pump a lot of traffic to the first layer. This is the content that establishes the factthat you know what you’re talking about. You talk about the problem yourvisitors have and you discuss the possible options that they should consider.

When they read this, they get the feeling that you actually “get” where they’re coming from. You’re not a complete and total stranger trying to shove some unwanted solution down their throat. You’re not somebody who is trying to hide the ball or somehow deceive them. Instead, you come off as a straight shooter who genuinely cares about their problem. You’re walking them through a solution.

If they get that impression, they would click on to the next piece of content in your three-layer content marketing system. This piece of content lines up the different types of products that deliver the kind of solution they’re looking for. Again, you’re not recommending a specific Clickbank product. You’re not at that stage yet. Instead, you are just laying out and describing the different product category options out there, how they work, common features they share, and their owndistinct sets of advantages and disadvantages.

As they go through this material, you subtly direct them towards the category of products your promoted products fall under. If you do this right, people would click through and then they would end up on a comparison page. Believe it or not, most people cannot resist such a comparison page since they are ‘hard-wired’ to process  the information laid out in comparative form.

On the comparison page, you will have many different Clickbank products that solve the same problem. Regardless of which product they ultimately go with, you still win becauseyou’re promoting Clickbank products using an affiliate code for all the itemson display on that product comparison page.

At this point, you have built a tremendous amount of trust in the eyes of people who managed to click through. If you look at what’s going on, you’re essentially creating a funnel. It’s an inverted pyramid. At the top is a wide opening. This is where you pump a lot of traffic. Not everybody is going to click through the middle level, so this gets narrower and narrower. 

By the time it goes to the conversion page, which is your product review comparison page, you would have relatively few people. But guess what? These people are so qualified and so in-tune with prior information that you have shown them, that they are more likely to convert.

The three-layer content marketing strategy works. You just have to set it up right. It works especially well with Clickbank products.

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