Having The Right Mindset; Can We Talk About This?

entrepreneur mindsetBefore we go too far into this business; I think it is pertinent to consider the kind of mindset we possessed. Having the right mindset is something that is very important in any business and eCommerce business is not an exception. Whatever the mind of a man can conceive it can achieve. Everything that exists today started from the mind. Everything that happens outside is just a reflection of what happens on the inside and our financial life is not a different. If your financial life must change; you must change your mind set. I am sorry; you are here because of your mindset!

In 2006 Dr. Carol Dweck, Ph.D of Stanford University; conducted a study into what makes people more or less successful. One of the key findings of his study was people’s basic believe about their brains and talent had a direct impact on the amount of success they were able to create.

Dr. Carol Dweck, discovered there are two basic groups of believes: Fixed and Growth. The first believed that their brains can’t be changed no matter the amount of learning the acquired while the other (Growth Believe) believes through learning their brains and talent developed and creates success for themselves.

So, why is mindset important?

This is because virtually all success comes from a growth mindset. This means having a love of learning and challenge with resilience effort. Success is sure when you take small actions every day while you learn and grow.

There are enough people to tell us we can’t; so why do will need to tell yourself it is impossible again? It is good to know at this junction that this book is not for the mediocre rather is for the champions. However, remember a good single action is better one thousand good intentions. You honestly need a positive mindset if you must achieve anything worthwhile. Let’s get started!!!

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