7 Golden Guides/Rules Of Successful eCommerce

success of ecommeceThis is to be between me and you alone! Just as you know; “where there is no RULE there is no SIN.” Another reason why you must keep this as a secret is because you like yourself and probably will also love to do business with little or no risk.

Yes! You head me right – if you must succeed in any business you must try all within your reach to minimize your risk if not totally eradicate it.

Over the years; I have learnt the following rules about business. If you ignore these RULES; you will CRY!

Rule 1.

Make Research:

I am sorry to tell you this, but I must be factual with you. If you are too lazy to make research then you are too dull to make money. Making research includes buying the right product from the right source at the right time. You will agree with me that selling umbrella during summer is not a wise business as the need for umbrella is reduced compared to its need during the raining season.

However, you will agree with me that selling a solar rechargeable power bank in a country like Nigeria where there is no constant light is a good business.

Rule 2:

Be Investment Cautious:

Don’t invest the money you can’t lose! Did you hear me well? Or … I need to say that again? Ok! I mean, if loosing that money will affect your family, health, education or your peace of mind; DON’T INVEST IT! I hope you heard me right this time.

Rule 3:

Play by the rules:

Follow the rule of the game to letter; don’t play too smart – it doesn’t pay always. If you are doing business with anybody make sure you follow the rules of the business. e.g Some website will tell you to make payment through their website but because the seller offers you a great deal and ask you to pay outside the website system and you did; simply because you felt you were smart.

If the website tells you not to send private message or call the seller please don’t. You are always protected buy these rules ok?

Rule 4:

Ask Questions

Do I need to tell you this? It is annoying to know how many people will place an order and latter got to realize that what they ordered was not exactly what they needed. Or probably what they ordered had some faults or could not be shipped to their country. If you are in doubt please ask questions.

Rule 5:

Right Mindset

As for me; I always order when am with my senses. Not when am angry or emotionally down. I do not make order whenever I am unease. Yes! I make order only when I am happy and in my right senses.

Rule 6:

Bargain Right

Lastly, don’t ever make any order in hast!

Rule 7:

Always Order Samples:

In case you want to order large quantity and you don’t have the chance to inspect and see the products yourself; always order a sample. Many people that starting out with ecommerce make the mistakes of placing a BIG order before actually seeing what they are ordering.

By ordering samples you will be able to see the quality of the products you are ordering and confirm the legitimacy of the company you are ordering from.

There are too many scammers out there, especially on the internet. Some websites may have clear pictures of the products they are selling, which is different from the actual products you are ordering.

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  1. Wao! This is awesome. I must confess ur directness of fact is inspiring. Am following ur thread on nairaland on soap making. I hope to contact u for more details later, thanks

    • @Abdul, thanks for showing appreciation. I hope everybody who as benefited from our thread will come to say thank you; just like you did. I appreciate you so much and I promise not to let you down.


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