Successful Entrepreneurs Go The Extra Mile

extra-ordinary businessAfter you have gotten a purpose for your business; I think the next thing you need to do is to add an ETRA. This prefix (EXTRA) is what makes the different between successful businesses and the unsuccessful businesses.

A business is unsuccessful if it’s not fulfilling its potential to the fullest. In fact, a successful business must outlive the founder else… it is not a successful business. For the fact that your business is making you enough money to sustain yourself and your family is not enough to say you are running a successful business. That is why you must add the EXTRA to your business to make it successful (EXTRA-ORDINARY) else … This is because only the Extra-Ordinary can truly succeed in times like this.

However, the good news is that every unsuccessful business can become successful and every Ordinary business can become EXTRA-Ordinary. But the question is how?

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Five Things That Makes a Successful business

  1. Uncompromised business philosophy

What is a business philosophy?

This is the guiding light of your business. If your philosophy is quality always; make sure it is indeed always QUALITY. If you are strict with your business philosophy then you are on the way to lose your stand or share in your chosen market. May sure you are always guided by your business philosophy.

  1. Think outside the box

If your business does not give you room for innovation, change, and transformation; then it is not the business for this generation. Whatever might be your line of business you must be able to think outside the box; do something positive against the norm!!!

  1. Let your difference be CLEAR

I wonder why you have to tell your customer or client that you are different from your competitors. If they (clients and customers) are not seeing it then it is not visible or clear enough. For instance, can you spot the difference between facebook and twitter? Is there any difference between Instagram and Pinterest? If yes, then the difference is clear enough – make your difference visible!!!

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  1. prepare for new opportunities

There is a saying that says “when opportunity meets preparation, success is guaranteed.” The extra-ordinary businesses spot the opportunities before others. They are good anticipators; they are not afraid to explore new opportunities.

  1. Clear Focus on Growth

If you can imagine the end from the beginning then you will have the strength to carry through when the journey is very rough. If you must succeed in business; you must have your eye fixed on the future – no shift and no wavering.

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