Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PINS Supplied By Linda Ikeji

It was indeed an awesome experience on lindaikajosocial as everyone was set and ready to have some AWUFF promised by Glo to LIS users. Little did we know it was going to turn out to be a PRANK!!! Please, I will appreciate if you take your time to read through this post so you understand my points. before leaving any comment.

Honestly, I still don’t believe there was anyone who won the recharge card as claimed by some people. Anyway, this is a personal opinion; I can as well also claim I won 5,000 worth recharge cards to save Linda Ikeji’s face. This is because, if you look at those who claimed they won the cards they were all Igbos. Secondly, why was no one coming out until the end of the GLO LIS FREE RECHARGE CARDS AWUFF?

At first people had issues viewing the website until some minutes after 5; this was the case with almost everyone I chatted with today (17th Nov. 2016). The website probably could not handle the traffic that was coming in at the same time!

Anyway, I will advise Linda Ikeji to device a better way of shearing her give away rather than giving us a wrong impression about her (sister Linda, this is too early o o ). Here is what am saying; if you look at LIS closely you will notice some users (LISinfluencer). I suppose, these set of user are for Linda Ikeji; you know what I mean? One of them even claimed she had over 100 followers in 2 hours when Linda Ikeji herself got less than 500 followers in two days (we dey observe o o o ).

I am not saying Linda Ikeji giveaways are SCAM or FAKE. All am saying is that she should look for a transparent way of sharing what she promised; not some caricature methods that favors very few people!

Meanwhile, this is Nigeria, it is also possible that GLO was the one playing Linda Ikeji or probably there are some bad eggs around Linda that were doing some dirty deals – take not Linda.

Personally, I attempted loading some cards but was careful that my line was not blocked; Glo was just blocking people’s line anyhow even before the Giveaway runs out. It came to a time that LIS users were just catching FUN with the PRANKS; did I just say PRANKS? That was even a kind word compare to what people were saying on lindaikejisocial today. Take a look at some copied responses of LIS users about the Glo LIS recharge cards give away.






Although, this is still the first day of the Give away anyway (17th Nov. 2016). So, let us hope for a better experience tomorrow as the Give away promises to last three good days. Meanwhile, it’s a FREE gift and we stand to loose nothing except for our TIME and probably getting your sim BLOCKED.

Finally, I think it is an awesome experience at least for the FUN part. Con see how guys dey PARA on top FREE Gift o o o

If you like to join in the fun please click HERE

1 thought on “Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PINS Supplied By Linda Ikeji”

  1. Buhhahahahah!!! Can’t believe I’m just seeing this .
    Nd yeah, this is @LIS_INFLUENCER
    Hard to believe , but I wasn’t working for Linda.
    I’m just a crazy fan. Hehehehhe.


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