How To Get More YouTube Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel

This took me more than five days of extensive research with over two years’ of experience as a YouTube, content creator. So, you need to listen to me! Recently, research shows that videos now convert more than regular posts. There are so many reasons why customers love YouTube videos. Some of which are:

Why People Watch YouTube Videos

  1. People watch YouTube videos to get entertained
  2. People watch YouTube videos to be inspired
  3. People watch YouTube videos for updates and news
  4. People watch YouTube videos to make purchase decision
  5. People watch YouTube videos to learn new skills

Now that we know why people watch YouTube; I think it will be nice if we look at why business owners also produce YouTube videos.

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Why Business Owners Produce YouTube Videos

  1. Huge Traffic: YouTube is the largest video portal in the world with so much traffic. Business owners can no longer hide away from that fact.
  2. It’s Free: Opening an account on YouTube costs you nothing – it’s FREE.
  3. It’s Easy: All you need to own a YouTube account is your Gmail account.
  4. Extra Source of Income: Yes, you can also make some extra cool cash from YouTube.
  5. It’s Open to all: Not like Paypal and the rest; YouTube is open to all. This is another reason for their massive traffic.

After all said and done. Here comes the ultimate question; how do you get more subscribers on YouTube? In other to do justice to the above question; I will be talking about five tips to get more subscribers on YouTube. These are not theories or what I think works; rather these are what worked for me over the years.

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5 Tips to Increase YouTube Subscribers

  1. Use the right video description: When you are describing your video; make sure you use the right description. A right description should contain one or more of your keywords. E.g If you are has a business in cleaning services. You can use a video description like “Tips to pick the right cleaning service.” Do you see ‘cleaning service’ appear in my description? Yes, something like that!
  2. Use the right keywords and tags: These are like your meat and fish in the soap. Therefore, you should learn to use enough of them; make sure you add the right tags to your videos. These are what YouTube uses to locate your videos when people use your tags or keywords.
  3. Produce valuable content: Even people landed on your video because of the tags, keywords, and description; they will leave and never subscribe if the content is not valuable. So, if you want loyal subscribers; then learn to produce useful content. Note, I did not say VALUABLE VIDEO; your video does not need to be professional for a start, but the content in the video must be useful.
  4. Call to action: This is very important if you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You need to tell them to do so; else, they will watch the videos and just go to the next. You will have an increase in view but not in subscribers.
  5. Add annotations to your videos, the little pop-up text that links to other videos. You can get more YouTube subscribers by making it easy for your viewers to view the next video in sequence, for example. You can use the annotations to link to your channel so they can subscribe that way easily, too.

I am sure you will see huge subscribers if you follow these tips.

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