How To Get An Export License In Nigeria For Your Export Business In 72


Thank God new things are happening within the government parastatals; from CAC to NEPC, as everything is now automated. It is no longer business as usual when you will have to go and manually files documents; now, everything can be done within hours. Yes, hours!!!

Although, the export industry is yet to take its full cause in Nigeria; as the elite and the government are not making things easier – only a few will understand this point! Anyway, we hope things will be better in soonest.

You see, the export business still remains the most profitable industry to venture into by any citizen as it helps to greatly grow the economy. Unfortunately, this is not always easy with Nigeria!

While the global trade business may sound enticing for any individual to venture into, you cannot succeed unless some parameters have been covered, and that includes securing reliable miners, finding international buyers, and obtaining an export license for your business.

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So, in today’s post; I will be teaching you how to get an export license in Nigeria for export business through the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, but before I go into details, I will love to list some compulsory documents for approval. Unfortunately, your registration will be disapproved if any of these documents is missing.

Besides, it is pertinent to know that you can either register as a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, OR GOVERNMENT & NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. The one you choose to register; determine the documents you will need.

  1. Limited Liability Company (Not a Business Name – This is done through the CAC body)
    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association;
    3. Current Certified True Copy of Form CAC 1.1 — “Section C” (Particulars of Directors) formerly known as Form C07 or Form CAC 7.
  1. Co-operative Society
    1. Certificate of Registration (Issued by Issuing Authority in the State and F.C.T)
    2. Bye Laws of the Society
  2. Government and non-government organization
    1. Certificate of Registration
    2. Constitution of the Government Organization and Non-Governmental Organization
    3. Memorandum for Guidance of Applicant

Just like I mentioned above, it is important you have a registered company, as you cannot register for an export license in Nigeria with a business name, but only as a legally registered company.

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Step One: You must have a registered as either a Company or Co-operate Society or Government or non-government organization

Step Two: Visit and create an account by filling in Name, Email address and Password and click register.

Step Three: After signing up,  on the dashboard Click on “Register New Certificate.”

Step Four: Fill in your company’s details and click “Next” (Remember to save as draft before proceeding to next page).

Step Five: Fill the corporate overview form and click “Next”.

Step Six: Fill the export classification form, upload the necessary documents, and click “Preview.” Note: Business names are not accepted and any company that registers with a business name would not be refunded, Individual CAC documents should be scanned as a single document before uploading. e.g. the form C07 might have multiple pages but these pages need to be scanned to form one document.

Below are the documents you’d be required to upload at this stage as a company:

  • Company’s Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form C07

Step Seven: After uploading the documents; Click “Submit & Proceed To Make Payment.”

Step Eight: You will need to make a payment of about 13,500 Naira, as at the time of this writing. Your export license from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council would be ready in 24 to 72 hours. Mind you, you will have to pay an extra 2,500 if you want them to send it to you via courier.

So, how do you verify an export License in Nigeria? You see, before now, you will have to go to the office of the Nigeria Export Promotion Council to do this, but now, it can be done online. Just visit , and type in the exporter’s license number or company name, then click “Search!”

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