How To Get More Buyers As An Author

It is no longer news that being a first-class honor is no longer sufficient to get you a befitting job; as getting a good job in my country simply depends on who you know. You see, the earlier you start planning for your future, the better. So, that your kids won’t have to look for jobs like you are doing…lol

Although, that wouldn’t have been the case, if you are a loyal reader of this blog; as you must have gotten yourself engaged with one of the numerous entrepreneurial opportunities available here. Peradventure, you are one of the lazy youth; here is another opportunity – don’t miss this!

Have you ever asked yourself why almost all the rich men write? From politicians, down to religious leaders; they are all writers – even senator Dino wrote a book! Like seriously, being an author is honorable and rewarding – trust me! Moreover, that is a post for another day; as today’s post is not about how to write a book, but about how to promote a book. Yes, it is good to be a writer, but more profitable to get buyers for the book. That is why you need to pay 100% attention to what am going to share with you today.

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Believe it or not; the failure or success of your book largely depends on your preparation. Successful author requires the right pieces being in place before you even writing the book. It also requires you to be willing to do things differently. Developing a solid strategic plan will help your book find success. To be honest, it is better to do this before you even start writing that book.

Align Your Author’s Goals

For you to be successful as an author, your personal goals must align with your business goals. When your personal and business goals are in alignment, it brings the various parts of your business into the discussion, which makes the process of developing your strategy possible.

Create Readers’ Personas

One of the most critical elements in documenting your winning strategy is knowing who your readers, and understanding their wants and needs. Creating a reader persona will help you to determine what kind of content you should develop that will enable you to speak to and engage with your readers. Creating readers’ personas will also help you to define who your readers are, what motivates them, and how to create the right content to match those personalities.

Create a Distribution Plan

After you define your readers, you need to come up with a distribution plan to ensure your readers see your book. Along with posting your book on social media, you might want to consider creating an email campaign to share your book update with your subscribers or enlist the help of your team members to share the book with their networks. Instead of allowing your strategy to be dictated by the typical patterns of sharing, find creative ways to get the most out of your book.

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8 Social Media Tip For Authors

I am going to share with you 8 social media tip that will transform your career as an author. Just sit back and enjoy…

  1. Locate Your Readers Spot: Don’t worry about spreading yourself too thin by trying to be on every social media channel. Just pick and choose wisely, by finding out where your potential readers hang out. If you try to connect with people on every single channel, you’ll either never get your book written, because you’re always online or you’ll get burned out and give up on social media altogether.
  2. Proper Time Management: Build time in for social media that’s separate from your writing time. If you never get that book published, it’s not going to matter how engaged you are with your audience. Keep your marketing and writing time separate.
  3. Build Relationship: This is very important; people want to know you are a real person, so show them that you are real. Share pictures of your pets or of your vacation. Share funny memes or gifs that you identify with (and hopefully they will too.) Let them know what you’re up to beyond writing or practicing your profession.
  4. Share Your Writing Progress: Are you wrestling with your final edits? Are you using your iPhone to dictate your book while at your kid’s soccer practice? Are you plotting a new story that you are excited about? Sharing this information makes them feel like they know you, and are part of your life.
  5. Don’t SELL: Don’t just post that they should buy your book! Some authors have a continual flow of sales attempts that fall on deaf ears, because that isn’t what social media is for. It’s for building relationships. Your followers are much more likely to purchase your book if they feel they know and trust you…if they like you.
  6. Ask Questions: Get them to engage with you by asking them questions; ask them to post pictures of their pets or things relevant to the topic of your book. Make sure you go back and comment on those things, when they leave them. Think of social media as a communication tool!
  7. Long-Term Benefits: Remember that social media is a long-term commitment to your book. You aren’t going to build a huge follower all at once. It will take consistent effort over an amount of time. But those authors who do commit to it can attest that it works.
  8. Be Committed: Lastly, let your fans know if you are going to be shut in your home office focusing only on writing for a few days. They like knowing what you’re up to, and they’ll understand if you are absent during that time. Make sure to follow up on your progress once you are back online. Be committed to them!!!

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