Exportation Saga, Nigerian Man Finds Hard Drugs In Yams He Was Asked To Deliver Abroad

You see sometimes, I don’t just know what to say about my country – Nigeria. Our height of corruption and business unfaithfulness needs to be checked. Even Ghanaians are now being trusted than Nigerians, what a pathetic situation!

I use to tell my people that exportation is becoming very tough for us as a Nigerian, not because of anything, but because of who we are – Nigerians. As a matter of fact, the international market is not even recognizing or ready to do business with us, which is one of the problems we are facing as a small exporter. Once you are from Nigeria, na bad market!

At first, it was beans; now, it’s yam. This is something that Ghanaians did without any problem. Oh, maybe you don’t know that Ghanaians started exporting yam before Nigeria. However, exportation is good and cool, but you must be ready to earn the trust. Honestly, I think Nigeria has lost it!

Recently, a man traveling abroad has been left in shock after discovering hard drugs inside the tubers of yam he was given to deliver to someone.


In a video footage posted on Facebook, the man from Edo state, who revealed that the drugs were inserted in the tubers of yam and covered with sand – said that they were given to him to give someone who needed them badly abroad.

But he decided to clean the sand off the tubers before packaging them, not knowing what was inside.
According to him, as he was cleaning the first tuber, water started coming out from it. When he looked closely, he saw a needle inside, and as he drew the needle, lo and behold, he saw hard drugs in the yam.

He shared this in order to warn Nigerians to always check whatever they are given to deliver to someone, while traveling abroad.

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