Exportation is Like Forex Trading – Part 9

exportation is like forex tradingDid I just compared exportation to FX? I must be out of my mind! I am sorry, but that is just the simple truth. leave it or take it.

Exportation is honestly close to Fx because I have heard people loosing their money to exportation in no time. Anyway, I have never be a victim. Maybe because I play by the rules I think.

In my bid to protect my readers from being scammed like others. I have decided to compare exportation to Forex Trading on the following note.

However, I am subjected to corrections but am sure you will also come to my side of the fence after reading this piece.

Why Do I Compare Exportation to FX?

  1. You must not be greedy:

    One of the major reasons why people loose their money to FX is because they are greedy. Same simple rules applies to every other business and exportation is not different. If you have seen people loosing their money to exportation it is usually because of greed. This set of people don’t want to register their products with tracking number. They will also refuse to spend money on useful information. This set of people forget that you cannot eat your cake and still have it. This set of people will want everything FREE thereby exposing themselves to great danger of loosing their money.

  2. You Must Not Out Play Your Customers:

    It is a trait! you will always see them under delivering! They always want more profits at the detriment of others. They will want others to bare the pain of their own gain. When you agree on 50kg of Ijebu Garri. They will supply 2okg of Ijebu Garri mixed with 30kg of another Garri. All in the name of making profit. Thereby loosing their customers to other faithful sellers. Remember you cannot cheap someone twice!

  3. You Must be Patient:

    Another good reason why people tend to loose their money in exportation is because of impatient. They want to get the customers today, get the goods tomorrow, send the goods next tomorrow and collect their money the fourth day. Habah!!! For God sake!!! My brother exportation does not work like that. You need patient to study your clients. You also need time to get quality product at the right price. You will also need quality time in packaging your product and sending it to your customers. Remember patient is a virtue!!!

  4. Buy quality information:

    Sometimes when I was young; I will go to Oshodi to buy Aba shoes. These shoes are usually very cheap and very flashy. Little did I know that I was waiting my money. Over time I realized that these shoes do not last up to three months. So, one day I decided to buy one correct shoe; Instead of buying two Aba shoes. I bought one original shoe and that shoe served me more than two years. Then I realized it was better to buy quality things than buying inferior. In fact, you are saving yourself some cash by buying quality information. By this, you will increase your learning and save yourself from being scam.

  5. Learn And Build Your Own System:

    Different people with different experience. That is just the way it is in business everybody with his or her won experience. What I know, is a s a result of what have learnt and my experience which may be different from what yo know as a result of what you have learnt and your experience. After you have learn from Mr A and Mr B. It is important, you also seat down after practicing what you have learnt from both Mrs to see what works best for you. This is only possible after you have learn and practice.

The above reasons are just few of the many reasons that made me compere Exportation to FX.

Lastly, i also want you to know that the person or company you are dealing with often are not people close to you. That is why you must make sure you represent your brand well and take time to build your own system.

I hope this helps.

Feel free to drop your comment below. I love to here your views.

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11 thoughts on “Exportation is Like Forex Trading – Part 9”

  1. Sir,
    I just came across this website and I’m glued to it. Kindly send the proposal to [email protected] too.

    I think I’m gonna give exportation a shot if you are available to be my mentor. Please can I have your mobile number?
    Thank you

    • @Demi, I want to thank you for finding Earn Base very useful.
      Here is my mobile number 08060023272 and the proposal will be send to your mail.
      As for the mentor-ship; I mentor every Earnbasers.
      Lastly, I want to thank you for checking out Earn Base.

  2. Gooood write-up and very informative too but a wrong expression of the idea of inferiority by associating aba shoes with inferiority when we are encouraging the idea of buying naija products, and where some of these ‘aba shoes’ are competing favorably globally.

  3. Boss this have been a very good write up and i believe many people would have been gaining from it as i am gaining. Pls concerning the business proposal to our foreign buyer could u pls give us a format. May God bless ur handwork.


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