Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Learn To Do This One Thing – WAIT!!!!

I want to thank you all for standing by and patiently waiting for us to resume work as usual. If you have been calling me or emailing for some weeks; you will understand I was very busy with my wedding. All thanks to God for the success of the wedding. Now, business proper! However, I have the feeling to start on a spiritual note and am sure someone is going to be blessed today.

Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Learn To WAIT!!!!

A friend once told me of her experience of a missing child. She kept her three kids somewhere around a large shopping mall while she went in to pick some items. The long queue at the payment point delayed her exit. The kids were worried and the only boy among the girls decided to move and “bring mum”! Shortly after, the mother arrived and another round of search began to look for the boy. He was found after two horrific hours of tearful search! You know the biting question from the mother? Why did you move from where I kept you?

That is just exactly the way most of us behave and treats our business and family. We are always in a hurry to see things happen. We started a business last year and want to start buying houses just eight months after. We got married a few months ago and want everything perfect – sir business and family needs time. That is why we must learn to wait! Some people in a hurry left their gold mine for something else because they lack the required patient; if only they could wait a bit longer.

Faith that walks must first learn to stand! Sometimes, God measures spiritual distance by how long you stay and not how far you have moved! Doing nothing could be hard work! Keeping quiet could be a “wise-collar” job. If the last call was to stand, my dear, stay put! Don’t be pushed by insanity to proof your relevance. There are Jordans you cannot step into ahead of the Ark, otherwise, you will be washed away. There are waters you must never step on until you see Jesus and hear his “Come”! Faith can be proven by rest; by snoring in hope while the storm rages. Taking steps may be a proof of doubt. It is not every race that is inspired by courage. People could jump into spiritual canals out of fear. Saul pushed the sacrifice to make something happen! It was his last call to honor! He got his mandate torn without repairs!

It’s not a weakness of faith to wait. Strength is renewed while waiting on the Lord. If you kick the ball before the whistle, your goal is a nullity. If you start running before the gun shot, your qualification is annulled. The first idolatry of Israel occurred when they couldn’t wait for Moses’ return from the mount. It was quiet where faith stood, it was “happening” where compromise was moving. Moses descended with a brighter reflection than their golden calf! His life overtook their lies!

In a generation that is always in a hurry, it takes faith to stay! In times when patience is blacklisted as impotence, where spirituality is defined by verbal stunts of imaginary prophecies and psychological construction of emotional bridges, you cannot follow this noise and not miss His voice! Abraham’s greatest regret was a wrong move to have a baby! Pentecost was the consequence of waiting!

See, I know you are under pressure to do something, but if God says wait, every move is a crime!

I hope this helps someone. Happy business resumption!!!!

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