Email Marketing For Small Businesses

So now you have your website and a bit of content for your products or services; it’s time to start actively marketing it – to start getting people to go there. So, how do you do that? One of the most powerful options is email marketing, and this is where we’re going to start.

What is Email Marketing?

It might interest you to know; even while social networks have come and gone, and SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization), has been through many changes that have lead people to question its reliability and effectiveness, e-mail marketing is something that has been around for the longest time and shown no signs of going anywhere.

Believe it or not; most of us will still start our days by checking our e-mail, and likely to read any messages we find. 

However, in order to get started with email marketing, you will first need to get something called an autoresponder. This is a tool that you use in order to collect email addresses and then send out multiple messages at set times.  While you might think this is something you can do without a mailing list, that is absolutely not true. To successfully collect and manage emails, you will need to handle spam and ensure that people really want to be on your list – both of which will involve the use of a confirmation email. You’ll also need to handle people unsubscribing, you’ll want to maintain “list hygiene” by removing defunct emails, and you’ll want to be able to track who opens your emails and which ones are most successful. None of this would be possible to do manually. That is why I will be sharing with you some options on autoresponders:

  1. MailChimp (
  2. GetResponse (
  3. AWeber (

Other good options include: ConvertKit, Drip, and ActiveCampaign.

However, there is one unique problem with all this autoresponder; there are all based on monthly subscription. Which is why I am making you this special offer of ONETIME FEE authoresponder; where you don’t pay monthly or annual subscription – it’s a ONETIME offer; which means you only pay one in a lifetime.

Aside that, there are some other benefits of using EARNBASE Authoresponder; someone of which are listed below:

EarnBase Autoresponder Features:

  1. Capture emails
  2. Send emails on auto pilot
  3. Schedule emails delivery
  4. It allows you to import and export contacts (this is hot)
  5. Templates for Newsletter, Post messages and autoresponder
  6. 100% inbox (your mail will never fall in spam box)
  7. Statistics
  8. Responsive
  9. Light
  10. Easy to use
  11. No monthly or annual payment
  12. Single opt-in and Double opt-in option
  13. And many more…

With this tool, you’ll be able to create a form to collect user details. You can then add this to your website in the sidebar, or at the bottom of each post. WordPress will let you do this easily with the use of plugins.

Using Email Marketing to collect emails when someone lands on your website is a powerful and useful strategy for turning visitors into leads. Now, you can market new products to them, and encourage them to come back to your site. 

One way to use your email marketing is to send out emails that provide additional content – just like your blog posts. Another option is to email people talking about all the posts you’ve recently added to your website in order to encourage them to visit again. Then, when you have a product to sell, you will message to promote that product and drive more sales.

Here is the point; by using email marketing, you aren’t relying on your visitors checking your website every single day. You now have a way to reach them – and it’s a way that isn’t dependent on a third party site like Google or Facebook.

How to Get Your Emails to Stand Out

But while email marketing has remained effective, it has somewhat changed in the last decade or so – even though it might not be obvious on the face of it. The biggest change of course is the way that we check our emails. For most of us, this is now done on the move and constantly via our smartphones and tablets. Rather than getting home and checking 20 e-mails at once, we are instead ‘drip fed’ emails throughout the day as we go about our business.  This in turn then means that each email will be more likely to ‘stand out’ from the others and get noticed on its own merits, but it also means that we have become more accustomed to just brushing them off and viewing them as a nuisance. If you want your email marketing campaign to be a success, then you need to take that into consideration and factor it into the way you design your subject headings and the way you send your messages.

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