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Shock of life! After writing an article 6 times, my client still complains; my article did not pass the plagiarism check. If you don’t know what plagiarism check means; it’s a check that tests the originality of an article, if it’s 100% – it means, it’s very original, and if it’s 80% – it means it’s fairly unique. Do you get the trick?

However, if you can relate with my story, you will know how frustrating it was to write an article 6 times and got it rejected – the oyinbos, don’t take a shit! The smallseotool and smartseo failed! I have tested the article with all available FREE plagiarism tools you can think of – trust me, they all failed! So…Yes! I canceled the order after 6 failed attempts!

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The following week; I got another order. This time, it was an article with 1500 words! Yes, I don’t take such job, because I don’t like writing long article. Just because Baba Buhari was out of the country; I decided to take the job! Just like you thought – it was not easy! You know that kind of article that the Oyinbo himself already Google search without success –  that is the kind of article am talking about. After several efforts and in-depth research; I finally wrote the article and got it submitted, to the Glory of God and the shame of the devil – the article got rejected! What!!! Rejected?! Yes! Right then, I know I need a premium Copyscape tool. I found one, and I will be giving it for FREE! That was the tool I used to get the second article done.

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The fear of BAD review is the beginning of wisdom! Just like I use to tell my friends; it’s better, you don’t take a job than to take it, and get a BAD review. If you don’t understand what I mean; you can ask these bosses: Ajeigbe Moruf, Adegoke Adefemi, Osazee Kelvin King, and Osaroguiwa Promise, they will tell you more.

The truth be told, you won’t need this tool for all articles, but for some top-notch jobs – it’s a must! Here are 5 reasons to consider using this Copyscape premium tool. If you will like me to do a video on this tool, please, leave a comment below, and I will get it done in no time. Peace!


  1. It Helps You to Charge Higher: It helps you to charge higher, since you are sure; go to Jupiter, my article is original.
  2. It Saves Your Account from Bad Review: If you know how difficult it was to create a gig and get an order; you will dread bad review like ‘sack letter’. You still don’t understand that? Ask a banker! This is one thing that can ruin a 5-star, good standing account. If in doubt, ask the Lai Muhammed lol
  3. You Earn Repeated Buyer’s Respect: Not only will you get more repeated buyers, but you will also earn their respect, you see, once customers are satisfied with your work; they will always come back, as you always delivered 100% quality article.
  4. You Can Go Pro: Yes! Forget those $5 jobs! With this tool handy, you can go full pro. If you need help, let me know!

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